Dan Campbell's Cigar Box in 2023

Looking back on the great Lions team of the 90s I hope Dan Campbell honors a Wayne Fontes gift IF the right thresholds are met. These should be 10 of the finest cigars, Dan must be careful when to light them. Team confidence is fragile, yet explosive.

The 1st two can be lit IF there are no turds in KC, the Lions win. It will be important to avoid TV cameras, secretly smoke the first one in private with Glenn or Johnson, then all eyes on Seattle. Will Glenn or Johnson deserve one? IF the Lions lose game 1 the cigars can still be utilized in week 2 IF Seattle is beat. Remember NFC games are BIGGER, DIVISIONAL GAMES BIGGER YET! No secret sauce needed in KC.

With 8 remaining Dan can light up one again in December IF the Lions win their 12th game. He can invite the TV cameras but this one is his alone. This is to celebrate a milestone only Fontes can lay claim to in Detroit.

With 7 remaining he can smoke one for qualifying for the postseason. No need to be shy here! This was expected.

With 6 remaining he pulls one for winning the division. This is probably a locker room cigar. Toasting cheese heads, Bears, Vikings is worth celebrating!

With 5 remaining he can smoke one in private after winning his first playoff game. Even the coordinators should be unaware of this missing cigar. This is no time to be caught celebrating. Great time for an inspiring dance speech.

With 4 remaining he can pull 2 and smoke it with his MVP after winning the NFC championship game. Another fine time to remember Wayne Fontes.

That only leaves 2 for the Super Bowl, IF he wins expect Dan to light up with Brad Holmes.

Nobody heard of this box in 2022. Did the Lions open against the Super Bowl Champs? Did anybody expect the Lions to win 12, a division title? Dan's only regrets this year are his former teammates need to buy their own. Only 10 in a box.

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