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Notes: Enjoy these photos of Jared Goff dripped in his teammate’s bling

Does this deserve an entire story? Yes, yes it does.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

If there is any sign chemistry between Jared Goff and his teammates is at an all-time high, it may in fact be the photos you’re about to see, and they’re not even on the same side of the ball.

The Detroit Lions social media team tweeting out photos on Monday of the quarterback draped in flashy necklaces during media shoots, where they film things like those clips shown at Ford Field during the game to hype fans up. Safety Tracey Walker is seen helping Goff put on his necklaces as safety Kerby Joseph cheers them on. It’s an all around excellent vibe.

Oh, and don’t forget those Honolulu Blue tinted Buffs.

I’m not cool by any stretch of the imagination and wear jewelry from TJ Maxx so I won’t pretend to be able to identify what else he’s sporting here, but it’s nice to see this type of camaraderie. To me, it’s just another example of how the Lions culture has dramatically changed from just a few years ago. You’d expect a quarterback and his linemen or even receivers hanging out, but look at these pals. Just a bunch of guys being dudes.

From defensive backs loading Goff up in jewels to general managers and coaches engaging shirt-ception, you can only do those types of things with true friends — this team clearly cares about one another.

I know what picture I’m going to tweet every time Goff throws a TD.

And onto the rest of your notes.

  • More media clips!

  • Though no longer playing in Detroit, D’Andre Swift still cares about this community.

  • And once again speaking of former Lions... the absolute shade going on here.

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