Analysis of Ben Johnson's Lions Offense in 2022

There is a channel (All_22_films) run by a hardcore Ravens fan who breaks down tape, and he has taken a serious interest in the Detroit Lions. Thus far, he's produced a 3-part series with All-22 film to explain tendencies of Ben Johnson's attack. He has indicated that as soon as he has time, he will do an Amon-Ra St. Brown video, as he quite likes how versatile the Sun God is, not just catching or running, but particularly as a blocker.

I hope you enjoy these videos and learn more about the methods and approaches that Ben Johnson utilized last season. The creativity in the blocking schemes are what makes many of these plays "work".

In light of BJ's off-season comments on improving the fundamentals, one can imagine how much better these plays can be run in 2023 with faster and harder-to-tackle talent operating more precisely.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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