Predictions for the Season Opener?

I'm gonna go with the Lions over the Chiefs, 41 to 39.

Special Teams has a breakdown leading to a Chiefs TD,

and a pass bounces off a Lions receivers' hands and turns into a pick-6.

The Lions Defense balances this with two takeovers that both result in TDs.

So all-in-all not a bad showing for the Defense with a lot of new players,

in their first game, against Mahomes and the Chiefs.

And a pretty impressive performance by the Offense as well.

Grab Ragnow's axe that he's been grinding for the last year, and bring on the Seahawks!

Starts a Goff vs. Mahomes grudge match tradition (Goff also winning the only prior meeting when in LA) -

of Season Opener Thursday games, with the next one in Detroit.

The Lions' odds to go 20-0 are only 200 to 1 (DK), while last year this time their odds were 5,000 to 1 (MGM).

With 32 teams taking their shot each year since the only time a (17-0, before parity) perfect season happened,

those odds should really be more like 2,000 to 1 for the Lions this year.

At 200 to 1, they're THAT much better from last year to this year?

Anyway, what are your predictions for the Season Opener?

And what is realistic for a 20-0 season? Only 200 to 1? Ridiculous. In the new era of Parity, between 2k & 5k to 1.

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