I am Worried about Jamo

I think he could be a really good player but I'm worried that he might feel a bit lost right now. The gambling thing seems like a huge distraction. Coming back from a year long injury is a big deal too.

Carlos Monnerez, of the Detroit Free Press, suggests that the Lions should find Jameson Williams a mentor. This was done for Miguel Cabrera and seems like it was a great idea to help him. Rookies in the NFL seem to get a lot of coaching and direction, but is it enough?

I remember Charles Rogers. That was disappointing. He was a young, talented, special player too. I wonder if a mentor could have helped him.

It isn't weakness to ask for help. I think staying balanced in a league that demands perfection and there is intense scrutiny of everything and anything you do seems overwhelming. I hope Williams would welcome it. I hope that there is a former player that the Lions might know to be the right person for the job.

Getting someone that can relate, help, and give direction is a challenge no doubt. The wrong person would be a bad thing. However, I would have to believe that there is someone that would be just the right guy.

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