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Wednesday open thread: Should the Lions bring back black color rush jerseys?

The Lions are likely heading towards new jerseys in 2024. Which direction will they go with color rush?

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are more than likely heading toward new jerseys in 2024. Heck, they’ve borderline started the process already by unveiling new alternate helmets this offseason. The Lions already have their home blues and away whites, and while the jerseys may change, that color scheme won’t.

That leaves an alternate uniform and a color rush uniform.

The former can be quite endearing to fans when done right, and I’m hoping to see some sort of retro circus font. The latter, however, is polarizing. Let’s be honest, the Lions messed up when they went with the pajama gray color rush uniforms a few years back. I think the Lions realized this, and that’s why as early as 2017 we started seeing all-blue or all-whites more frequently than the grays, even though they weren’t official color rush sets.

That means that if the Lions redo their jerseys next offseason, the biggest mystery piece will be the color rush uniforms. The Lions could formalize the all-blue look or the all-white look, or they could go the route they teased us in 2016 with an all-black look.

Question of the day: Should the Lions bring back black color rush jerseys?

If you’ve been directed to this link from Twitter or Threads, odds are you know my stance on this: absolutely. It’s a nice contrast to the lighter tones we get every week and it’s a sleek, clean look you get once, mayyybe twice in the year.

I understand the concern that the Lions sucked when they last wore black jerseys. You should go to therapy between now and next spring so you can fully enjoy these glorious jerseys upon their return.

I’m not as sympathetic to the concern that the Lions would look too much like the Panthers. The Lions are a different shade of blue and inevitably will have a different number font; if they play their cards right with silver accents (which I think would complement the all-blue alternate helmet better than blue accents) then I don’t think it will be a real concern.

Heck, if Carson Wentz can make an all-black jersey look sleek, then the Lions can make it work.

The biggest obstacle I see if we’re being realistic is that the Lions removed the black outline from their logo a few years back. Their colors are Honolulu Blue and silver on a white backdrop. There’s no black, and that may incline the team to go in a different direction. However, there’s always the chance they say screw it and go with black jerseys anyways. Or, if we want to get really freaky, they could revamp the logo and reintroduce black to the color scheme. I wouldn’t hold your breath for that one, though, and I think it looks great as is.

I was a lot more concerned about the lack of black in the Lions color scheme before they teased us this week:

Whether or not it happens is to be seen, but the Lions’ social media team is clearly going to string us along the next nine months with teases like this.

What do you think? Should the Lions bring back black color rush jerseys? Should they formalize the all-blue look? The all-white? Give grays another chance? Go wild with a Portsmouth Spartans color scheme? Vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Should the Lions bring back black color rush jerseys?

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