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Jerry Jacobs’ message to Lions fans: ‘We are going to show the world’

SB Nation caught up with Lions CB Jerry Jacobs on the red carpet of the ESPY’s and he came with a message to fans and the rest of the NFL.

The 2023 ESPY Awards Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Detroit Lions cornerback Jerry Jacobs has been doing the media rounds lately. A few weeks ago, he joined “Good Morning Football.” Last week, he was a guest on the NFL Sirius XM channel, calling Jared Goff a top-five NFC quarterback. And this week, he had a message for Lions fans as a guest at the 2023 ESPY Awards.

SB Nation caught up with Jacobs on the red carpet of the event. Here’s the transcript of the conversation.

Who’s going to be the biggest difference-maker on your roster this season?

“On my roster, Amon-Ra St Brown just because of the way he worked, he had two great seasons coming off of what he did. They don’t think he’s going to come back and do it three years in a row and I think he’ll be able to do it with the quarterback we have.”

Give me three reasons why this is going to be the Lions’ year because I feel like you are almost always there.

“Yeah, this will be the season. So the first reason, the season we had last year when we went 9-8, we let one game interfere with that. So we are trying not to let that happen again. So we are just trying to finish all the way. Second reason, we got a head coach, Dan Campbell, who going to push us to be great every day and that is just going to make us better for the season. And the third reason, we’ve got players who want to contribute and be in as one to make the team and the organization better.”

What makes Lions fans so passionate?

“Man, dedication. They want the city to change. When we were winning that little five-game winning streak, we saw the change in the city. So they have just been here for a long time. They have Barry Sanders losing records so they just trying to change it around”

If you had a message for our Pride of Detroit community, what would it be?

“We are coming and when I say we’re ‘coming,’ we are trying to prove everyone wrong and we are going to show the world, the NFL, and anybody else in the way that you know we are here.”

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