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Lions training camp preview: Who has the most to prove?

Being inside the bubble doesn’t take questions away from the biggest players

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Training camp is on the horizon. The smell of football is on the air, and it’s not that musky just yet. It’s the first of many stations of “the return of football,” where we force baseball out of the way and tell the basketball nerds to be quiet with their psychotic free agency ramblings that amount to absolutely nothing; the One True Sport is on its way back.

This is the year the Detroit Lions have to prove a great deal many things: divisional expectations, playoffs expectations and just the general principle of hanging with The Big Boys. It all begins with training camp, and it begins with individuals proving it: not just those fighting for roster spots, but those who are quite comfortable on a 53-man projection but haven’t exactly shown coaches or the media why they’re as hyped as they should be.

On the latest Pride of Detroit PODcast, we’re taking on a comprehensive preview of training camp. We talk dominant storylines, players to keep eyes on, what we have yet to see from OTAs and minicamps, how much pads change everything, and who might start the year on PUP/NFI. The biggest questions of all come in who has to prove the most, and we tackle all of that just well too.

It’s all ready for you, along with so much other content on our podcast feed. Enjoy, and I’ll probably write “football is coming back” a few more times just to remind myself.

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