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Thursday open thread: How active do you expect Detroit to be in the trade market?

The Lions already made one move at the back-end of the roster.

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While big headline-grabbing moves are unlikely, training camp season is a great time for NFL teams to shore up any holes in their roster via trades. The Detroit Lions have already made one move early on, adding Denzel Mims from the Jets as an ostensible Jameson Williams stand-in until the sophomore returns from suspension.

The reasons why deals like the one that brought Mims to Detroit are so popular around this time of year is that the cost is typically fairly low. Teams already know that many cuts need to be made, so even recouping a small value is seen as a win as opposed to an inevitable release a few weeks later. This makes the market fairly robust — at least for depth pieces.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

How active do you expect Detroit to be in the trade market?

My answer: Brad Holmes is far from timid when it comes to making a deal, so it is quite possible that he will go out and grab a player on the fringe of someone else’s roster if he believes they could help the Lions. He does not seem to fear losing late-round draft picks, and that is often the cost in these sort of deals.

However, Holmes has not really made a ton of training camp moves in the past, with just Mims and Trinity Benson coming to mind during his tenure. While the Lions’ roster is far from perfect, it certainly has been improving over the offseason, and there are not a lot of obvious holes remaining where an acquisition is absolutely necessary. Maybe there is some movement ahead, but I do not expect anything significant in terms of substance or volume.

What do you think? Is there a position or player you think the Lions should trade for? Or a player on the Lions who may get traded? Sound off in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

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