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Lions receivers are going underrated by football experts

Looks like disrespect is back on the menu

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The lovefest for the Lions was a feast for a time. It’s still out there, you can still find those who enjoy the feel-good story of the Detroit Lions turning into the hot newness to chase, the cool kids with the opened button shirt and graphic tee. Maybe even a skateboard? Alas, the nerds are here to try to tell you to stop drinking the kool-aid, it’s got high fructose corn syrup or something.

On the latest Pride of Detroit PODcast, we’re diving again into the disrespect. Offseason power rankings have placed the Lions in the bottom half of the league in terms of roster strength and receiver corps, and we’re going to parse whether or not that’s real or just missing some key information.

Plus, the gambling saga for the NFL won’t go away, and more former Lions were swept up.

Happy Fourth from the PODcast. While you’re out grilling, smoking, drinking and upsetting dogs with loud noises, you’ll have our voices to keep you company. If you’re not getting to this until after the holiday, that’s fine too, it’s just out because we want to take today to chill as well.

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