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Thursday open thread: Who is the most overrated Lion?

The hype is building in Detroit, but not everyone will have a killer 2023.

Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The vibes are extremely positive right now, as the Detroit Lions appear primed for their best season in quite some time. It all makes sense on paper, from the coaching staff to the eventual 53-man roster, as the front office has been intentional about plugging in any gaps and overhauling the areas that needed the most change.

This optimism is leading to a generally high outlook on nearly the entire organization heading into the fall. Unfortunately, even if the team does finally make it back to the playoffs this season, it is unlikely for every single player to live up to their preseason expectations. No, some players are surely due to regress or fall flat, even if that seems hard to imagine right now.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Who is the most overrated Lion?

My answer: It might seem harsh to try to qualify anyone as overrated, but right now there are absolutely some players on this roster who are not as good (or will at least not perform as well) as conversation would suggest. Typically the biggest culprits are either young players or those that are new to the roster, as we all can be blinded by the shininess of something new.

There are a couple players that I believe fall into this first camp. As tough as it is to say, I think we need to pump the brakes on both Malcolm Rodriguez and Kerby Joseph. Neither are close to bad players, but the way fans are planning out their 2023s feels awfully dangerous to me. I know that young players can produce right away, but would it really be that shocking to see either hit a tough sophomore slump? It just feels like the expectations do not match the likeliest range of outcomes for either player.

Your turn.

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