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Yes, Teddy Bridgewater is actually wearing No. 50 for the preseason

Detroit Lions quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will wear the unconventional No. 50 jersey number during the preseason. Here’s why.

New York Giants v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

When Detroit Lions writers arrived in Allen Park on Monday morning, they were met with a surprise on the roster sheet. New Lions quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was listed with the No. 50. However, when Lions coach Dan Campbell addressed the media, he said Bridgewater didn’t have a number yet.

“He may not have a number today, just so you know,” Campbell said. “He may be in red, but we’re working through that.”

Indeed, during practice later in the day, Bridgewater played with a red jersey with no number on the front or back.

But the veteran backup quarterback confirmed in his post-practice press conference that he would indeed be wearing the number 50 for the preseason.

“I’ma wear 50, man,” Bridgewater said. “It’s preseason, you can wear whatever you want. We’ll figure something out in the regular season.”

It does look like Bridgewater will be allowed to wear the number 50 during the preseason, but that will have to change once the regular season rolls around. Per NFL rules, quarterbacks can only wear numbers between 0-19.

Going back to even his high school days, Bridgewater has worn the No. 5 jersey. However, that is currently occupied by Lions running back David Montgomery. It’s possible he’ll get that number back by the time the season starts, but that usually involves an under-the-table financial agreement between players.

Either way, things are going to look incredibly weird when Bridgewater takes the field with the number 50 during both joint practices this week and the preseason game on Saturday.

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