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C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Amon-Ra St. Brown answers on Family Feud, reviewed and rated

Breaking down the performances of both Amon-Ra St. Brown and C.J. Gardner-Johnson on the latest episode of Celebrity Family Feud.


Sunday night, two familiar faces helped the NFLPA All-Stars best the NFLPA Hall of Famers on the latest edition of ABC’s Celebrity Family Feud. Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown and safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson joined linebacker Eric Kendricks, cornerback Trevon Diggs, and quarterback Jacoby Brissett or a good ol’ game of the Feud and played a big part in winning $25,000 for The Conscious Kid foundation—an education, research, and policy organization that supports families and educators in taking action to disrupt racism, inequity, and bias.

For roughly a half hour, St. Brown and Gardner-Johnson were responsible for some fun moments, some good answers, and some questionable responses. Here are all their responses, along with the survey questions that prompted them, reviewed, and rated.

Name something you see a woman eating that turns you on

Amon-Ra St. Brown: “Strawberries” and “chewing gum.”
Rating: ***

For starters, “strawberries” was a solid response that made a lot of sense. You think of strawberries, you think of chocolate-covered strawberries and Valentine’s Day, and next thing you know you’re spinning Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Love’s Holiday.”

“Chewing gum,” on the other hand, not such a strong guess that earned a strike for the All-Stars. I found it rather repulsive, revolting, and wrong.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson: “Banana.”
Rating: ****½

I’ve got nothing to add here.

Name something that’s hard for a man to admit he’s not very good at

St. Brown: “Reading.”
Rating: **½

Talk about an honest response. It’s easily one of the biggest sources of bullying I can remember from elementary school, but I can’t imagine it being at the front of too many people’s brains when being surveyed. An honest answer, but not one that’s going to score—”sex” was the No. 1 response.

Name something that’s round and white

Gardner-Johnson: “Golf ball.”
Rating: *****

Kudos for nailing the top response here. I wonder what Gardner-Johnson’s golf game is like after first giving the sport a try just a little over a year ago.

St. Brown: “Ping pong ball.”
Rating: ****

Aren’t you glad the Lions moved on from Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia? St. Brown would have been on the first plane out of DTW had Patricia caught one of his players being so bold to go on national television and talk about such a distraction from football.

Gardner-Johnson: “Egg.”

A strike for Gardner-Johnson, but hey, shooter’s gotta shoot. He would go on to redeem himself as the first contestant playing the Fast Money round, but not before having a moment that could end up making the rounds on social media.

After both teams failed to guess all the survey responses correctly, the host—the honorable Judge Steve Harvey—assumed the answer they missed was “snowball,” but Gardner-Johnson wasn’t on the same page.

“Snow is flat,” Gardner-Johnson said. “When it hits the ground, it’s flat.”

Harvey pantomimed packing a snowball to demonstrate how it becomes round through manipulation and humorously questioned how someone in Detroit could not be keen to that.

“I’m from Florida, so I’ve never seen the snow. I’ve seen it melt, flat, gone.”

As always, a friendly reminder: it’s a great thing the Lions play inside at Ford Field.

Fast Money round

As previously mentioned, Gardner-Johnson, along with Kendricks, were the two participants for the All-Stars’ round of Fast Money. Gardner-Johnson had the opportunity to go first and put up a very respectable 125 points—the goal is to score 200 total points between both of the contestants.

We asked 100 married women, tell me how many times a day your husband tells you, “I love you.”

Gardner-Johnson: “Three times.”
Rating: ***

One time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, right? The top response ended up being two, so I guess you only really have to say it in the morning and before bed? Am I reading this right? This husband would like to know.

Name a beverage that you bring to a picnic

Gardner-Johnson: “Beer.”
Rating: ****½

This answer put 24 points on the board, but it earned him an open invitation to every post-win celebration with his head coach Dan Campbell.

Give me a word that rhymes with “glow”

Gardner-Johnson: “Bow.”

For a guy who answered “banana” earlier in the show, I was stunned to see him freeze up and settle on this 6-point answer.

Name something rabbits love to eat

Gardner-Johnson: “Carrots.”
Rating: *****

An absolute lay-up right here, “carrots” earned him 48 points. I felt bad for Kendricks going next because with the obvious answer out of the way, I wouldn’t even know what to say—Kendricks went with “cabbage” and received zero points.

Name an occasion when you receive gifts

Gardner-Johnson: “Christmas.”
Rating: ****½

Perhaps the most revealing answer that gave us a clear view into who Gardner-Johnson is as a teammate. Going with “Christmas” instead of “birthday”—which was Kendricks’ answer—proves he’s a team-first guy.

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