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Survey results: Lions fans most concerned about Seahawks bouncing back after loss

The results from the latest SB Nation Reacts surgery are in and Detroit Lions fans have spoken.

Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are 1-0 on the season and headed toward a revenge matchup with the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2 at Ford Field. On Tuesday, we polled Lions fans, asking them two questions:

  1. Are you confident the Lions are headed in the right direction? (weekly poll)
  2. What concerns you most about the Seattle Seahawks?

With regards to the first survey question, the results are in, and as expected, fans' confidence in the direction of the franchise expanded from 97% (the previous time we polled this question) up to 99% after beating the Chiefs in Week 1. Which still strangely seems a bit low.

In the second poll (specific to this week), we found out that Lions fans are most concerned with the Seattle Seahawks bouncing back from a terrible loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Well, rest assured Lions fans, Detroit’s coaching staff is preparing for just that thing.

“This team always presents problems (for us),” coach Dan Campbell said of the Seahawks. “It’s been a thorn in our side for two years and so, we know what’s going to be coming in here. We’re going to assume the best out of them and they got after us pretty good last year, real good, so that’s something we won’t forget.”

In fact, defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn is (rightfully) viewing this as an opportunity to get revenge on Seattle, after losses to them in each of the previous seasons.

“I hear you guys talk about how they have a bad taste in their mouth, well hell, I’ve got one in my mouth too,” Glenn said. “We gave up 50 points damn near twice. So, our guys will be ready to play. They’ll be ready to play.”

Can’t ask for much more.

Here are a few of the explanations from voters in the comment section of the original article:

  • Lee County Flydog: “Never want to play a team with playoff aspirations who are coming off a loss. I trust Dan will have them ready.”
  • JayBDet: “The Seahawks are going to be tough considering they are coming off that loss where they really did play badly, and want to avoid that 0-2 start. They have some good pieces, and we shouldn’t overlook them in anyway. The Geno to the wideouts connection if it gets going is my concern. Although we are at home, and they are definitely coming into a hostile environment. And hopefully we play well on offense, and pay them back for that game last season..and for taking our playoff spot!”
  • PositiveBob: “Metcalf and Lockett. Our secondary was better, but still made too many mistakes against lesser WRs in KC. I think our run defense is going to be ok, especially if their oline is banged up. They did a good job limiting YAC in KC and they need to do it again. I have no doubt we will score. North of 30, maybe 35. After getting humiliated last week, Carroll will have them dialed in. But we have 3 extra days to prepare and get healthy, which is big. It won’t be easy, it never is, but at home, all things considered, the Lions should be 2-0 by 5 on Sunday. The Vikes will get stomped in Philly Thursday. Bears lose in TB. Belichick teaches Love a lesson and GB loses. Alone in 1st Monday morning.”
  • Villain313: “Just keep doin us!! Villain life!! Give nothing and take everything!!!”

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