Let's discuss teh debacle

Yes, I am still here. I don't post as much as I used to, as I keep hoping someday Dandy Dan is going to prove me wrong, turn into a good coach, and I will happily eat crow all day and the Lions will win playoff games.

It's just not happening yet.

As far as teh chiefs game goes, pretty obvious they were hurting without their top players like TK. They also played by their own admission their worst game ever. Not sure that' something to gloat over.

The Seahawks game was a total breakdown by the coaching staff. The players played hard, as they always do. Except for J. Goof reverting to his old ways and throwing a pick 6, they all tried hard. Kudos. As I have been posting for 3 some years now, they were let down by our three stooges coaching staff led by Dangerous Dan Campbell and his knee biting.

Dippity doo dan blew the game with his stupid insistence on going for it on 4th down (although thank god he didn't call one of stupid fake punts). He also went too conservative in the play calling at the end of the game. He didn't exploit the seahawks seconday enough. Want to know why we only had 1 sack? Because Larry Curly and Moe our coaching staff had J houston in pass coverage most of th game. (???) I will let this website fill you in on the details :

I have to give credit to Dan Campbell. After that pencil behind his ear fat ass MP left, this team was in teh biggest mess I have ever seen a organized sports organization be in. Dan really cleaned up the cess pool and made the Lions respectable again. Respectable. NOt great. Not going to win the super bowl good. 9-8 good. 10-7 good. Maybe sneak into the playoffs and win 1 game good. But that's all Dandy DAn is going to get you. Until he is gone we are going nowhere.

BTW opur "rebuilt secondary" is possibly worst than least year

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