Should Aaron Glenn be stoned, musings on the Seattle loss

Even if you haven't read the bible you may be familiar with this story, a wife having an affair was a death sentence in the time of Jesus, Jesus hearing a woman was going to be stoned, stepped in and said let he who is without sin cast the first stone. One by one the crowd dropped the stones and left until there was no one left. The accused today is Aaron Glenn, Geno deftly stepped away from Glenn's rushers and carved up his secondary. For the second time Glenn's defense couldn't stop Geno Smith causing many fans to say he should be fired (stoning is not a legal option lol). I personally say no. It was a game after a HUGE WIN in KC and the next game tends to be a letdown and that win put a target on their backs. Everybody including fans underestimated Geno and their offensive line because they lost 2 tackles, give Pete credit because he adjusted his game plan and Geno stepped up big. The way they celebrated the Lions were their KC. Glenn did a fine job in KC and his defense was key to defeating Mahames who was stymied in the second half and that same defense stopped Mahomes with time on the clock and a slim 1 point lead from the Lions. The Seattle game was a group screw up and I'm naming the culprits like...


Goff played well and his QBR was exceptional but that Stat doesn't tell the entire story. Goff's turnover was very bad as it led to a pick 6. The defense had no chance, it was a TD. Goff reacted to pressure and threw the ball behind Gibbs and then Dan threw the rook under the bus. At the end of the game I could tell Dan was settling for a FG. I was enraged. Either Danny turned coward or he had no faith that Goff could score a touchdown. Goff kind of wilted after Montgomery went down but great QBs step up, Goff didn't. Also, it has been reported that Goff was missing deep receivers all game. Goff doesn't really like throwing deep. Finally, Goff has been outplayed by Geno Smith twice in 2 years.

Dan Campbell

He had poor judgements, gong for in on 4th down on the Lions side of the field was malpractice. Not going for it at the end of the game with time and timeouts. The team acted like the was 5 minutes instead of less than 2 minutes. No 2 minute drill, he ran time off the clock to kick a FG. Pete would've went into a 2 minute drill and scored that TD. Dan was outcoached. Dan was out prepared, Pete kick his butt He should've known teams tend to have a letdown after a big win, the Seahawks played a playoff game and beat up the Lions, a team that believes in toughness. Dan callously threw Gibbs under the bus blaming him on the interception without having seen the tape. I could see Goff under pressure, threw the ball behind Gibbs. Dan has a tendency to throw coaches and now players under the bus when he gets pressure, not pretty.

Ben Johnson

Some of his playcalling was less than stellar, almost mundane and worse he failed to make any adjustments after Montgomery went down. For all his gifts, Gibb is not a power back, he can run with power but not as a staple. Get him in space, on the outside or as a receiver, run screens or play action. Why not move the pocket Ben? You did it against KC, Goff showed he could. I'm beginning to doubt he's a genius, lets hope he can pull up to above average which he has yet to hit.


There's plenty of blame to go around. The good part is LaPorta looks to be a keeper, I saw greatness in his performance. Gibbs is going to be a great receiver but still waiting on him to show his speed and moves, get this kid in space Ben and Dan. I want to see Martin play and maybe they should play Buggs. The Lions have yet to play a great game and I believe they will, hopefully soon. Dont try to stone (fire) a guy after 1 bad game, you may find there's one pointed at someone you didn't suspect.

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