Is our Secondary this bad or is it coaching?

I was just curious everyone's thoughts on our secondary and it's future. I think it is a bit of both of the above but I don't want to judge the secondary too harshly till Glenn is gone and we get a better scheme. I feel our coaching has let them down big time but feel like we missed on a huge opportunity in the draft at 12 to take a lockdown DB with 2 available in Gonzalez and my CB#1 Forbes's to me Sutton is more of a #2 he is very good but just lack's speed to keep up. I still like Holmes draft overall but then and now I question the drafting of Gibb's it feels like a win now move he usally doesn't make usally he plans for the now and the future. No doubt he will be a special player but we had a huge need at CB and a chance to pick a good one wasn't like it was just a need pick and going to bust you know. Luckily alot of good Db's in next year's class we can address so it wasn't as big a fumble as it could have been but leaves you stuck this year with what we got which isn't looking great. I feel like if Sutton was our #2 and we had another #1 we would be set for a long while but both spots are lacking right now we do at least have safety and NCB set so that is good but it's still is shocking to me how bad we have been overall in the secondary considering we got Kirby and Branch. Anyways future wise just based on right now it looks like we need a new #1 slide Sutton to #2 should take care of both issues and then maybe draft a guy mid rounds for depth it needs an overhaul for sure. I actually think CJG resins with us for at least another one year deal he seemed to like it here so at safety we should be set next year still might need to draft someone as a good backup though depending on what we do with Tracy he seems like a trade candidate if we resign CBJ. Once Again I love Gibbs but CB is just a more important spot they seemed to just ignore largely in the draft I know we took Branch but what we really needed was a top 2 CB Guy first and foremost although it does help alot having the Nickel spot on lockdown.

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