Little help?

Quick one today....

Yahoo! sports has now named the NFC north the worst division in footbal. And they are right. They have now given the Lions the title of "dubious divsiion leader". Again, correct.

I still do'n't understand what the thinking is here. We fired Jim Caldwell because he was seen as "mediocre". "average" and "in capable of taking the Lions to the next step.( the super bowl)". He kept putting up 10-6 and 9-7 teams. Sorry, we decided. Not the man for the job.

In comes Dandy Dan Campbell with his bag of knee caps he has bitten off and his playbook of fake punts. He talks alot about "playing through the whistle" and "next man up" and players "giving 120%". Except he is also putting up 9-8 and 10-7 mediocre teams that are not impressing anyone and doing UBER stupid things like drafting a RB in the 1st round instead of a CB and a off ball LB that has no pass rushing skills on a team that struggles to put pressure on the QB. I am not sure Dastardly Dan understands you have to have a kneecap biting mentality, but you ALSO have to have TALENT. Or else you are Ogre from revenge of the Nerds. Everyone remember that one? good movie.

So, what I need help with is, if Caldwell was fired for going 10-7 and told to get out of town, whiy does everyone worship at the feet of Dan Campbell who is also going 10-7? and PLEASE do not answer "look how hard his players play for him!!" LOL. Caldwell's players played hard, too. You have to play hard in the NFL or you get cut.

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