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Survey results: Lions fans confident Tracy Walker can step into starting role

The results from the latest SB Nation Reacts survey are in and Detroit Lions fans have spoken.

NFL: SEP 07 Lions at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Wednesday, we polled Detroit Lions fans, asking them two questions for our latest SB Nation Reacts survey:

  1. Are you confident the Lions are headed in the right direction? (weekly poll)
  2. Which injury replacement do you have the most confidence in?

With regard to the first survey question, the results following a Week 1 win over the Chiefs were near perfect with 99% of Lions fans expressing their confidence in the direction of the organization. Following a loss to the Seahawks, that number figured to drop, and sure enough, it dipped down to 86%.

That dip shouldn’t be overly surprising, as fans who have suffered through disappointment for decades are likely protecting themselves from getting hurt again. But, as Jeremy Reisman pointed out on Twitter, this was something coach Dan Campbell was actually expecting:

“You’re going to be expected to not lose another game if you can beat the Chiefs. That’s the reality. So if you slip up and lose a game, well then you’re ‘trash’ again.”

While some fans are bracing for regression, the National media still has confidence that the Lions roster is built the right way and they’ll be able to weather the storm, as most still placed Detroit in the top 10 in this week’s power rankings.

And “confidence” is what leads us to our second survey question of the week. With a heavy influx of injuries across the roster, the Lions will be counting on reserves to step into starting roles. The players anticipated to be injury replacement options for this week’s game included a rookie first-round pick and three former starters—not a bad lot of folks to help keep the team in good shape. But which of those four options would Lions fans be the most confident in?

Veteran safety and former captain Tracy Walker received the majority of votes, followed closely by right guard Graham Glasgow.

Here are a few of the explanations from voters in the comment section of the original article:

  • Bobbylaneblame: “I don’t think the drop off for Walker or Glasgow will matter, I’d have been happy to have them as week one starters. Holmes has done a great job building the team, nobody can have a perfect roster”
  • Presde34: “I went with Glasgow because the o-line does not seem to miss a beat. I am not worried about the Lions rn (right now). They have been in worse spots before and found ways to overcome. We just need to tread water because reinforcements will be coming as the seasons goes. It seems the Lions are always slow starters and end up playing their best football in November and December. We just have to make it their without too many losses.”
  • Lionsoptomist: “After last week, no, they are not headed in the right direction. How could anyone say they are? All the injuries plus the poor defensive performance means they have regressed and not as good as they were just the week before in KC. Now, we can see how they do against Atlanta with backup players and see if the defense and coaching decisions improve, but right now, they’ve declined as a team.”
  • Schwartzyy: “The fact that the 4 players to choose from in the survey are either current starters or were starters for the Lions recently gives me confidence the drop off might not be too drastic. Walker & Glasgow will step in seamlessly. Romeo maybe this is his redemption arc after injury. Gibbs is well, basically already starting but Reynolds will get more touches now and did fine last year. I don’t know, doesn’t feel like the sky is falling as some seem to be shouting. We were never going 17-0. An overtime loss isn’t the end of the world. Seahawks are a better team than their week 1 loss suggests. One Pride baby let’s get a W this Sunday!”

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