Who would you have picked differently if you had too pick 2 different players in the 1st round of the 2023 draft for the Lions.

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say but if you had too pick two different players for the Lions who would it be and why I would go with Lukas Van Ness DE who went pick 13 and at 18 I would have went with Denote Banks CB who went 24. I think these are two of our biggest areas of need and arguably more impactful then the 2 positions we selected RB and LB though I get their thinking who cares about positional value if these 2 guys turn out to be the best player at their position not only in this draft but next draft as well. I think the top Gm's including Holmes think two drafts ahead that is part of why we trade up for certain players like Barnes,Martin,Branch and William's you can't get guys like these even in the following draft so to Holmes it's worth a swing because of rare trait's that are hard to find plus perceived value when they select them. All of his trade up's they fell farther then where they should have been in his view for various reasons. I think he see's it kind of like a premium steak or some other meal at a nice restaurant being Half off he can't resist ordering it if that is a good analogy lol. Anyway I do believe our season would be looking better if we had these 2 our defense would look much better but can also see why he didn't take either neither guy is at the top of their position probably both ranked 3rd or worse for him so it wasn't worth it when next year's class will be strong again at these spots and he can address it then. I actually would expect him to fix the Pass Rush first and go after CB later he seems to believe in up front more then CB's early seeing CB's as easier to develop and find later on I think. In Conclusion though I do believe our season this year would be better if we had the guy's I picked. Though long term if Holmes's fix's these spots next year he would have me in the long run as guy's like Gibb's and Campbell are indeed rare talent who ideally should be #1 at their position not only for this draft but next year in 24 draft as well as well.

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