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Detroit Lions blowout win caused fiery post-game presser for Packers coach

Not quite “Do me a favor, just kinda sit up, just like, have a little respect for the process,” but it’s in that range.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

We have seen our fair share of coaching meltdowns as Detroit Lions fans. From the Jim Schwartz handshake-gate, to Matt Patricia’s “just kinda sit up,” it’s not a fun experience to see the leader of your team lash out at someone doing their job.

But when things are on the other foot, and your team is the catalyst for a rival head coach blowing up in a press conference, things get a bit more enjoyable. Funny how that works.

When the Lions traveled to Green Bay in Week 4, they jumped all over the Packers early, dominating them in every facet of the game. After amassing a 27-3 lead and 284 yards of offense at the half, while simultaneously sacking the Packers four times and holding them to just 20 yards of offense, Green Bay head coach Matt LaFleur was noticeably frustrated.

“We’ve gotta block a hell of a lot better,” LaFleur said. [...] “It’s very humbling and embarrassing right now [...] We’ve gotta be able to look each other in the eye, man to man, and give it up for one another this whole second half. I want to see this team FIGHT!”

To their credit, the Packers did fight, but they also ended up losing the game 34-20, after a Lions’ 75-yard drive that resulted in a touchdown, eating up 9 minutes of fourth quarter clock, breaking their will, and putting the game away.

Following the game, LaFleuer opened his presser by crediting the Lions, saying “They whooped us, pretty good.” At this point, you can see LaFleur is frustrated but keeping his composure.

Until this question: “What happens to cause a first half like that, when you have nothing going right—”

Lafleur cut the reporter off and that’s where the fun starts.

“Well, you saw it Pete, we got our ass kicked,” LaFleur snipped at the reporter. “If I knew, it wouldn’t have happened.”

At that point, there is a pause, and another reporter begins to ask their question, but LaFleur can’t let it go, cuts him off, and throws a jab at Pete.

“That’s a B.S. question, man.”

It’s nice to be on the fun side of things.

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