Bears fans want Lions OC Ben Johnson to be next head coach (article)

Bears Wire has this story Bears fans want Lions OC Ben Johnson to be next head coach.Clearly the fans are unhappy and with good reason. I lay this mess at the feet of Ryan Poles, the Bears hired him expecting a young Brad Holmes but they got a young Bob Quinn. He traded the top pick for a haul which was good but what will he do with those picks? His first mistake was turning down Caldwell who was recommended by HOF GM Bill Polian. Caldwell is a perfect guy to help a young QB to reach his potential, he got a Superbowl out of Joe freakin Flacco, a work of pure genius.

The Chicago Bears are in shambles staring down an 0-3 record and active 13-game losing streak, where head coach Matt Eberflus’ seat is scorching.

Eberflus, in his second season, has a 3-17 record as head coach, and there’s a belief the Bears could move on from Eberflus after this season. Especially if things continue to spiral.

While Eberflus hasn’t been fired (yet), Bears fans made it clear who they want to replace him: Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson.

Bear's fans look at the hard nose physical running style and the swarm of sack and think I want that but I question if they'd get that from Ben. At his best he is razzle dazzle, misdirection, high flying offense. It's Dan who wants to run it on every play, it's Glenn who runs a tough defense. I believe that Eric B from Washington would be a perfect coach, he is a hardass, no nonsense guy who can help and young QB and toughen up a soft QB. Ben would fit the Chargers or Dallas. Ben wants to be known as an offensive genius.

Give him credit, he built an offense around Goff's strengths while minimizing he weaknesses. Somehow he has Goff comfy enough to run on some plays. Maybe he could be the Bears coach but can he overcome Poles?

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