I've heard it said on the broadcasts I've watched, and perhaps even read it here a few times, but I can't really fully appreciate what it means. Do you expect the Lions to win in every game now? Is that how it feels, or how you think?

I've loved the hype and the winning to date has been great. Yet, I am not sure I totally or completely expect to win. I believe we can win. I believe we have the roster to compete to win. I just don't know if it's right to fully expect to win.

Is earning each and every victory the only way to expect to win the future? I think there's some link that has to be made. I think that confidence will grow with each and every victor. It just can't be an expectation as in we should win without making it so, or that we have to have maximum effort from everyone to make it so.

Now that Jamo is back will the pass attack be even better? I hope so, and at the very least I expect to see Jared Goff and Ben Johnson begin to work him into the offense as a potential and real deep threat more and more and more. Marvin Jones probably won't see the field as much, and I'm ok with that really. I think his lack of success makes it easier to see the transition to Jamo with lower or reduced expectations.

I also loved seeing Isaiah Buggs back on the D-line, but I do remember seeing Benito Jones looking active and jumpy, so I hope that both will get playing time and maybe both will be better than just one or the other. That's a big hope again, and not an expectation per se.

How active the rest of the defense looks is still offering me more and more hope. I just don't expect the D to be absolutely as good as the offense, just yet.

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