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College Football Week 5 live discussion, open thread: More fun out west

What are you watching this fine fall day? Come hang out and chat!

Colorado v Oregon Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

In making these posts, I did not think that I would write so much about the Pac-12. Miserable conference it is, where everyone has decided to break up with everyone, and somehow the angry breakup bedroom romp is the best in the world and you’ll spend your entire life chasing it.

The SEC has become a waiting game for Georgia to annihilate whatever mook shows up in Athens, and Alabama plays in a division of sadness. The Big Ten knows that game well and it’s all just waiting for the last week of the season—you know the one. I don’t know what the Big 12 is doing and I don’t want to unless it involves Texas losing in an embarrassing fashion. ACC? I don’t even know her.

As I’m writing this on a Friday night, a Utah squad that looked like it would roll over everyone quietly is getting dogwalked by Oregon State. It might do it again because there’s always at least one game for Utah before they bulldoze their way to the title game. USC and Colorado are going to put on one hell of a show offensively. Oregon is steamrolling their way towards a Stanford matchup and who knows what else they could do. Washington is in the top ten again. You’ve got multiple teams in multiple divisions all having fun and showing how cool they are.

Does it translate to actually working in the playoffs, or even producing a candidate? Hell if I know. Somehow it’s just turned into a whole lot of good football to watch, better than Michigan dogwalking another mook. Wake me up later, man.

The only thing I want to ask though, is who the hell is putting on USC and Colorado at noon ET? No, I know that sounds one way for you people in the eastern time zones, but I want you to understand we’re watching this crap at 9 am out in California. This is not how God intended football to be watched. We chase evil spirits and unclean evildoers with this. Stop it at once. This is not right.

Enjoy the games chavales.

Noon ET

No. 8 USC at Colorado — FOX

No. 6 Penn State at Northwestern — Big Ten Network

No. 22 Florida at Kentucky — ESPN

Texas A&M at Arkansas — SEC Network

Louisiana at Minnesota — Big Ten Network

Utah State at UConn — CBSSN

Clemson at Syracuse — ABC

3:30 p.m. ET

No. 1 Georgia at Auburn — CBS

No. 2 Michigan at Nebraska — FOX

No. 24 Kansas at No. 3 Texas — ABC

No. 9 Oregon at Stanford — Pac-12 Network

Illinois at Purdue — Peacock

Baylor at UCF — FS1

7:30 p.m. ET

No. 11 Notre Dame at No. 17 Duke — ABC

South Carolina at No. 21 Tennessee — SEC Network

Michigan State at Iowa — NBC/Peacock

Late Night Great Night

No. 12 Alabama at Mississippi State (9 p.m.) — ESPN

No. 7 Washington at Arizona (10 p.m.) — Pac-12 Network

Nevada at No. 25 Fresno State (10:30 p.m.) — FS1

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