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Discussion: What about the 2023 Detroit Lions brings you confidence?

Detroit Lions fans are feeling good about the 2023 season. But what are the biggest reasons to be optimistic about this team?

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We all know the Detroit Lions have high expectations for the 2023 season. In fact, it’s not something the team is even hiding from anymore. They’re embracing the idea that they’re a good football team now, and using that as motivation to not rest on their laurels. There has been optimism in Detroit before, but the Lions are using that “pressure” to make sure they prove people right this time around.

“We’re not scared of the expectations,” Lions general manager Brad Holmes said last week. “The expectations are earned through, I think, (with) what we’ve built and what we’ve done up to this point, in terms of how we finished the end of the season and through our player acquisition process. But now, we’ve got to just prove them right.”

While it would be understandable for Lions fans to be skeptical of another rush of optimism through Detroit given this franchise’s history, there is much doubt about this team’s legitimacy locally.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

What about the Detroit Lions brings you confidence?

My answer: Depth.

Any season can get derailed by injury, and that remains true of the 2023 Lions. But there are several positions on the roster that can withstand some injuries and the Lions should still be okay. Their linebacking corps is four or five players deep. Their edge defenders are six legitimately players deep. Even in the secondary, the Lions have enough versatile talent to move around the pieces to sport a decent group of players. Guys like Romeo Okwara, Malcolm Rodriguez, Will Harris, Jerry Jacobs, and Tracy Walker could very well find themselves in rotational or just special teams roles this season. These are guys who were bonafide starters at some point—and a few of them played really well, too!

Unfortunately, the depth is a little more perilous on the offensive side of the ball. Even still, Detroit has a couple options on the offensive line they’re comfortable with, and their practice squad has a nice combination of experienced players (Maurice Alexander, Darrell Daniels, Kayode Awosika) and young, promising talent (Zonovan Knight, Dylan Drummond).

Still, much of my confidence in the 2023 roster is based on the defense taking a big jump this year. And with that roster looking completely overhauled this offseason, I think that raises the floor of this team considerably.

What gives you optimism and confidence in the 2023 Lions? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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