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2023 NFL predictions: What will the Detroit Lions’ record be? Will they make the playoffs?

Our staff makes their 2023 Detroit Lions record predictions.

New York Giants v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Last week, we polled Pride of Detroit users on the Detroit Lions’ 2023 record, and a whopping 89 percent of you believe the team will win at least 10 games. That would be quite an accomplishment for this franchise, as they’ve reached double-digit wins in a season just twice since 1995 and only five times since 1970.

But for some, 10 wins is the floor for this team. Expectations for many are higher than just a one-win improvement from last season.

Where does our staff stand on 2023 record predictions? Here are our picks for the Lions’ 2023 record, and whether they’ll make the postseason.


What will the Lions’ record be? Will they make the playoffs?

Erik Schlitt: 12-5, Yes

When the schedule dropped, I predicted the Lions would go 12-5 and I’m willing to stick with that number. Over the previous two seasons, Dan Campbell’s teams have started the year slow, then finished the season very strong. If they start this year 6-2 (like in my prediction), I wonder if giving them 12 wins could be selling them short.

Morgan Cannon: 11-6, Yes

The Lions will win the NFC North with a record of 11-6, securing a home playoff game for a city that has been waiting on this for some time.

Chris Perfett: 10-7, Yes

I do not believe the NFC North will prove a strong division. At the same time, the Lions have a schedule that’s even-keeled and presents some favorable spots. Improving upon last year’s record is expected, and the best the Lions can do is not have a defensive implosion to start the first half of the year again.

Kyle Yost: 10-7, Yes

Though 10-7 might be good enough to win the NFC North, I cannot take the Lions to finally win the division; however, I will give them a wild card nod. Last year was a tale of two seasons, but I think Dan Campbell gets a little more consistency out of the squad this time around, hovering around the playoff positions all season and locking up a spot relatively drama-free.

Kellie Rowe: 11-6, Yes

Each year we’ve done this I tend to skew a little more conservative with my record predictions. Boring. Time to put all my chips on the table. 11-6 with a playoff berth.

Ryan Mathews: 10-7, Yes

I may not have a recording room named after me, but I nailed last year’s prediction down to the particulars.

Nine wins was quite the accomplishment for last year’s Lions roster, especially when you consider their 8-2 stretch of nearly turnover-free football over the final 10 games. If the changes they made on paper to the defense help turn that unit into even an average group, Detroit’s offense should keep them in almost any game on their schedule.

With that said, I’ll say the Lions finish the 2023 season with a 10-7 record and make the playoffs as the NFC North champions.

Jerry Mallory: 11-6, Yes

The Lions will start off stronger than last year and see a two-game improvement to go 11-6. They’ll win the division, which means they’ll host their first playoff game in Ford Field.

Hamza Baccouche: 12-5, Yes

I can’t believe I’m saying that. There are more games on the Lions schedule than ever before that I look at and expect them to win. I find it very hard to see the Lions below 10 wins barring any significant developments, and they have 5-6 games that will be litmus tests of whether they are true contenders. See you in the playoffs, baby.

Jeremy Reisman: 12-5, Yes

I’ve tried to hold back expectations for as long as I can, but training camp only gave me more confidence in this team. While I think there may be some regression on offense—their ability to avoid turnovers to end the season is simply not sustainable—I am all in on a huge bump on defense. There is just too much talent, and too much depth, for me to see the defense disappoint this year. The schedule is a bit tough, but this roster strikes me as a top-three in the conference.

Meko Scott: 11-6, Yes

I’ve been holding strong at 11-6 since the schedule dropped and that’s not going to change. The NFL season can be unpredictable with injuries, player regression (remember what happened to Amani last year? Yikes!), and other teams catching lightning in a bottle. With that said, outside of a few tough QB matchups with the Chiefs, Ravens, and Chargers. I don’t think there’s a team that the Lions can’t match up with on paper. But like I said it’s the NFL and Dan Campbell and Co. are sure to drop a couple games to teams they shouldn’t.

Brandon Knapp: 12-5, Yes

This team will be the best team I have seen in my lifetime (28 years) and they will show that they improved from last season. While a Super Bowl win would be great, I don’t see that as a true possibility until next season.

John Whiticar: 11-6, Yes

Unlike years past, there are many games that look winnable for the Lions. I think the Chiefs and Chargers will be their toughest tests on paper, especially with Kansas City coming in Week 1. Sprinkle in an NFC North loss or two and the odd disappointment, and 11-6 seems reasonable.


What will the Detroit Lions’ record be in 2023?

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