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2023 NFL predictions: Will the Detroit Lions win a playoff game?

Can the Detroit Lions finally break their playoff win drought? Our staff closes out their 2023 NFL predictions.

NFL: JAN 01 Bears at Lions Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In our previous prediction, our entire staff predicted the 2023 Detroit Lions to have at least 10 wins, and everyone predicted them to make the postseason this year.

Making the playoffs would bring a lot of goodwill to general manager Brad Holmes and coach Dan Campbell. Winning a playoff game may put Campbell quickly in the “Best Lions Coach ever” conversation. You probably don’t need me to remind you, but I will anyway: the Lions have won a single playoff game in the Super Bowl era.

Does that change in 2023? Let’s see what our staff has to say in our final edition of our 2023 Detroit Lions season predictions


Will the Lions win a playoff game in 2023?

Erik Schlitt: Yes

With a divisional crown under their belt, the Lions would host a playoff game at Ford Field. With the emotion from a city overflowing with passion fueling a team that feeds off its fans, the Lions will be too much for their opponent to overcome—regardless of who it is.

Chris Perfett: Yes

I run into repeated cynicism about the Lions-Packers season finale in 2022. In retrospect, there are reasons for some observers and nattering heads to say that: “leave it to the Lions to show up for a game that doesn’t matter.”

It’s a little unfair, but let me take the inverse of that point. Regardless of what happened beyond their control, that game showed the Lions could be ready and up for an important game. That game was still damn important to the Packers, after all! I have some new confidence this year that Dan Campbell can have the Lions prepared, motivated, and drawn up against an opponent with a week to prepare and stakes on the line. He will have to be if the Lions are to finally end this 30-year drought. He’s not prime Belichick, but motivation is key when firing into the playoffs.

Kyle Yost: No

Playoff games are just tough on the road, and since I expect the Lions to only earn a wild card spot, that means that their opening-round game will likely come in a tough environment. I think a playoff loss will be seen as a mild disappointment by many, but I still think 2023 is too early for fans to expect everything to be fully resolved. I would be happy to be proven wrong, but even getting back to the postseason after seven years shows that things are moving in the right direction.

Kellie Rowe: Yes

Detroit has patiently yet quickly overhauled not just a lackluster roster but a miserable, losing culture. These are not the same old Lions. After all the hard work, with not just the love and support of loyal fans but football enthusiasts worldwide, the Lions will end their 30+ year drought and win a playoff game.

Ryan Mathews

God, I hope so.

Jerry Mallory: Yes

The atmosphere will be absolutely electric for that first Ford Field playoff game. Some media figures think Ford Field will rival some of the most notable stadiums this year to become the loudest place to play in all the NFL. That game will be a win for the squad. How much further will they go after that? Time will tell.

Hamza Baccouche: Yes.

I don’t know that I wanna test my luck with a division title + home playoff game, but I think there’s certainly an expectation of the former. If any team can impose their will on the road, even in the playoffs, it’s the Lions. The math says yes then, it’s time for a playoff win. Whew.

Jeremy Reisman: Yes.

Let’s look at this logically. If you have the Lions winning the division, it means they’ll have a top-four seed in the NFC and a home playoff game. With the conference being very top-heavy, and the Ford Field crowd undoubtedly going insane for their first-ever Lions playoff game in that building, I would be insane to predict them to win a division but lose their first playoff game.

Meko Scott: Yes

Seeing as I have the Lions winning the NFC North and thus hosting a home playoff game, I’m going to say yes. Listen, I was at Ford Field for the season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles and when they beat the Green Bay Packers. That place gets LOUD! And if this team is hosting their first home playoff game in 30 years, you might find yourself in an environment that rivals the 12th man for the Seattle Seahawks.

Brandon Knapp: Yes

They will win the NFC North and host a playoff game, win that playoff game, then lose on the road to a higher seed. As I stated earlier, this team is built well, but there are some areas where I don’t think they are a championship level team just yet. Another draft class and free agent signing here or there would boost them higher next season.

John Whiticar: Yes

I think the Lions are a top-four team in the NFC, with the Eagles, 49ers, and Cowboys ahead of them. Since the NFC South is looking like a weak division, the Lions have a good shot at the third seed as the NFC North winner. This would pair them with the sixth seed, alternatively known as the second-best Wild Card team. I think this is a good spot, as on paper, the Lions could beat a team like the Seahawks or Giants on home turf. Trying to predict a playoff opponent is nearly impossible, but regardless of the foe, I think a Lions team firing on all cylinders can go toe-to-toe with most of them.

Morgan Cannon: Yes

Yes, and hopefully it’s at Ford Field in downtown Detroit so that this city can really celebrate this team. I know winning a playoff game isn’t the mountain top of the sport, but for a city that has gone so long between its last playoff victory, being able to walk up Brush Street while reveling in a sweet postseason victory is something every die-hard Lions’ fan deserves to experience.


Will the Lions win a playoff game this season?

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