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Discussion: Are you superstitious when it comes to the Lions?

Or maybe just a little stitious?

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If you believe in superstitions, then the Detroit Lions could be in luck. According to the Detroit Lions official Twitter account, the Lions will be wearing their all blues, or “blueberries” uniforms against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night, which they are 5-0 with this year.

They might have a bit of moon luck, as well, if you’re into that sort of thing. Back on Thanksgiving, there was a big deal made of the waxing gibbous moon. The Lions were heavy favorites going into that game, but 0-12 on Thanksgiving during a waxing gibbous phase of the moon. We all know how that turned out. But for Sunday night’s game, the Lions will have a waxing crescent moon, and the good news is, the last time they won a playoff game was on a waxing crescent moon.

You can look at On Paper all you want, but these are the real numbers that need to be considered.

Today’s Question of the Day is...

Are you superstitious when it comes to the Lions?

My answer: A little bit.

I’m not typically a superstitious person, but sports can bring out the crazy in me and I will latch onto any hope I can get. There is no Sunday morning ritual or lucky underwear in my dresser, but if I notice a common theme surrounding a string of wins then I’m sticking with it. This year, the Lions have only lost one game all year when I’m wearing my Amon-Ra St. Brown shirsey, and I believe they’ve won at least six or seven games when I’ve put it on, so that’s what I’ll be rocking Sunday night.

Not much else besides that, but I’m looking forward to what some of y’all have to say. Drop whatever weird superstitious you have when it comes to the Lions or any sports in the comments below.

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