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Detroit Lions vs. Los Angeles Rams playoff preview: Madden 24 simulation

Previewing the NFL Wild Card playoff game between the Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions with a simulated game of Madden 24.

We are breaking ground here at Pride of Detroit this week. For the first time in site history, we are doing a Detroit Lions playoff Madden simulation. We’ve run “playoff” simulations before—last year, we lived in an alternate reality that Detroit had snuck their way into the postseason. But for the first time in site history, we’re previewing an actual, real-life Lions playoff game with a simulation via Madden.

If you haven’t watched our Madden sims before, it’s simple. We fire up Madden 24, we adjust the lineups based on injuries and our own projected depth chart, and then we let the computer face off against the computer, while I provide live commentary. It’s silly, it’s ridiculous, but it’s a lot of fun, and we chat about Lions football for about 90 minutes.

This week, it’s the Detroit Lions and Jared Goff against the Los Angeles Rams and Matthew Stafford. There will be EMOTIONS.

One additional note about these simulation: we’ve recently added a modification to Madden, as programmed by some superfans. This is supposed to give us a more realistic outcome than the normal game gives. And thus far, the results speak for themselves. Before the mod, Madden absolutely hated the Lions. Since the mod has been applied, the simulations have been 100% accurate in predicting the winner.

Check it out:


Week 1:

  • Madden: 38-21 Chiefs
  • Reality: 21-20 Lions

Week 1:

  • Madden: 38-35 (OT) Lions
  • Reality: 37-31 (OT) Seahawks

Week 3:

  • Madden: 27-17 Falcons
  • Reality: 20-6 Lions

Week 4:

  • Madden: 27-9 Packers
  • Reality: 34-20 Lions

Week 5:

  • Madden: 24-17 Panthers
  • Reality: 42-24 Lions

Week 6:

Week 7:

  • Madden: 30-18 Ravens
  • Reality: 38-6 Ravens

Week 8:

  • Madden: 16-10 Raiders
  • Reality: 26-14 Lions

Week 10:

  • Madden: 28-7 Chargers
  • Reality: 41-38 Lions


Week 11:

  • Madden: 28-20 Lions
  • Reality: 31-26 Lions

Week 12:

  • Madden: 37-31 (OT) Packers
  • Reality: 29-22 Packers

Week 13:

  • Madden: 33-17 Lions
  • Reality: 33-28 Lions


Week 14

  • Madden: 28-20 Bears
  • Reality: 28-13 Bears

Week 15

  • Madden: 24-17 Broncos
  • Reality: 42-17 Lions


Week 18:

  • Madden: 21-13 Lions
  • Reality: 30-20 Lions

If you want to join us again to see who will actually win before the game starts, here’s how to catch our NFC WILD CARD EDITION OF THE MADDEN SIM:

What: Lions vs. Rams Wild Card playoffs Madden 24 simulation
When: 10 a.m. ET — Saturday, January 13
Where: or (or embedded below)

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