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Discussion: What game will you remember most about this season?

Despite the ending, there are plenty of great memories from the 2023 campaign.

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The dust has yet to settle and the wounds still sting, but no matter how you slice it, 2023 was one of the best seasons in Detroit Lions history. Every year, 31 teams fall short of the ultimate prize, but it would be foolish to suggest that all 31 teams end the season as disappointed failures; no, there is plenty to celebrate from this historic campaign.

When there truly is enough time to heal, it will be fun to think back on this year, and that is something that will be done for years to come, whether that be because this was a high-water mark (hopefully not) or the start of many great things to come. It might still feel early, but take a step back and relive some of this year’s joys.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What game will you remember most about this season?

My answer: With 14 wins, there are a whole lot of options to choose from. The two playoff games will obviously go down in Lions lore for a long, long time, and it did feel like both wins really captured so much of what this team is about. The Rams game was the one with all of the narratives, and for me that is probably the one I will go back to most.

The lead up to the playoffs had plenty of highlights too, however. Clinching the division in Minnesota was expected yet surreal, and the Thursday night win in Lambeau was both cathartic and foreshadowing. Of course, perhaps the season’s opening game might be the most impactful, depending on the outcome of the Super Bowl. The Lions put the league on notice and did not disappoint.

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