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Brad Holmes: I couldn't be more proud of everything Jared Goff has achieved

On Monday, Lions General Manager Brad Holmes once again praised Goff — and didn't make it sound like the quarterback will be going elsewhere anytime soon.

"I’ve always had belief in Jared. You guys have always heard me [say] that," Holmes said. "I don’t know what more needs to be said from a leadership or performance standpoint — or what more he needs to do in that regard. But in terms of the belief as always, I think I said this to you guys before, he got drafted in ’16 and he wasn’t a full-time starter. But ’17 was his first year as a full-time starter and he made the playoffs. And got exited versus the Falcons that year, but the second year as a full-time starter, he went to a Super Bowl. And what I didn’t understand — I didn’t understand why his career was defined after he went to a Super Bowl [in his] second year as a full-time starter.

"And so, then when he came to us, I always had belief. So him doing what he did this past year or even the year before, it's not a surprise to us. I just know how he’s wired. I know the talent he has. I know the leadership he has. I know his mental and physical toughness. I know what he’s made [of]. And I think his peers and definitely his teammates recognize the same things. So, just happy about [about] what he’s done and just couldn’t be more proud of everything he’s achieved."

what is he really saying? My choices are:

1. he loves Goff and will pay him the bag

2. he likes Goff and will sign him at his number

3. He wants to see how Hooker, his chosen QB for the Lions plays before he signs Goff to any contract

I believe Holmes will not blow the cap for Goff and if Goff asks for a penny more this Holmes' number, no new contract. There will be no blackmail. If Goff decided to hold out Hooker would start. At the same time I believe Goff has his number too and there won't be a hometown discount. If there's no new contract in preseason, watch out, it's going to be a bumpy ride kids.

I understand that most reasonable fans would want Goff resigned. He has proven he's a good fit in this offense, he fairly young and seems to be a good guy. I think the Lions can do better. Hooker looks to be a potentially great player but if he's not this draft has 2 possible franchise types. JJ McCarty and Michael Penix. JJ is raw and may need time to polish his passing skills but he has worked under Jim Harbaugh. Penix, has some injury history but he is a high level passer, much like Goff he withers under pressure. However, he has some hidden athletic skills like CJ Stroud.

Why in the wide, wide, world of sports does Eric Bieniemy not have a head coaching job? Working with Andy Reid should be like a degree from Harvard, a free ticket to a post graduate job. Washington hires Dain Quinn, a mediocre defensive coordinator who went to a Superbowl because of Kyle Shanahan. Brian Flores produced a miracle with the Vikings and was a good coach in Miami. Marvin Lewis lead one of the greatest defenses ever with the Ravens, created defenses that got other coaches hired and was a great coach in Cincinnati turning a heaping pile into a playoff contender without a franchise QB. Jim Caldwell deserved another shot too. He turned a heaping pile into a playoff team without a a GM, Bob Quinn the worst who failed building talent and was waiting to dump Caldwell for his pal. Fat good that did him, what a moron. His second draft was total crap and his expensive free agent additions were even worse. Eric B deserves a shot. I was hoping if Ben left the Lions would snatch him up. Even KC wanted him back for the playoff run but Washington said no.

Kliff Kingsbury is a joke hire as an offensive coordinator for Washington. He lead the Cardinals to 1 playoff appearance, never had a decent offense so why? Because the potential first pick likes him? Bad move.

Chop Robison would be my first pick, Chop is a speed rusher who may be a bit raw. Kool-Aid McKinstry, in round 2, How can you go wrong with a guy named Kool-Aid? A guard/center in round 3. I'd much prefer drafting 2 CBs in rounds 3-5 than 2 in round 1-2. Blake Corum would be a nice addition if available after round 4. He a small, powerful dude who's very tough and would be a great 3rd back, sorry Netflix.

I'm not sure Harbaugh is going to be a big hit, it may depend on the GM. Our own Dan Campbell proves it can work but Harbaugh is a bit of an offensive Neanderthal. We'll see.

While I'm still not certain of Campbell, who can complain. I like how tough this team is, it works together, the players have character and finally they exceeded expectations. I still have issues but he didn't fire anybody when times got rough like in the past

The defensive line coach from the Titans seems like a great hire. Brodric Martin has too much talent to sit on the bench so let's get working on that pad level.

I'm going for the Chiefs in the Superbowl. SF has better talent but the chiefs have Mahomes, the most amazing QB I've ever seen. Also, how many players get their bosses commercials lol?

If you have peacock, watch Ted, it's funny as hell.

Dan Orloski Winning the QB skills competition prove it means squat to real QB play. There may be high school QBs who can beat pro players because no real pro plays without a passrush coming at him, no defensive backfield, no recievers or RBs and no 6 foot and more offensive lineman blocking his throwing lanes. It was still fun though.

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