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2020 Detroit Lions comprehensive preview, predictions

Your boys shake down the schedule,

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

You’re at home, with your spouse/significant other/pet/lonesome self. The world is at peace, merrily going about its business. Then, WHAM. Football shows up. It announces itself with a roar, the heavens splitting, the skies burning, Lake Erie turning red—might just be an algae bloom, but Lake Michigan does the same. A beast with seven heads and seven tongues and seven quarter-zips bellows, “do your job.”

You weren’t prepared this time around. You didn’t listen to the signs. After all, there was no preseason! College football has been reduced to these dreadful Central Arkansas games you can safely ignore! NBA and NHL playoffs are still on, for godsake!

No matter. Football comes whether you like it or not. And so the PODcast has prepared its season preview episode.

We’ve made our roster predictions. Soon we’ll be examining roster cuts. But for now, we put all our season predictions, all our kool-aid, all our dread fears and all our analysis of the team before a single snap has been taken, we’ve put them all in one place. Here, right now, on this podcast, in this point in time and space.

And it’s free.

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Thank you for another season of PODcast. It’s almost upon us and we have many big plans for 2020. We hope you’ll be listening. Lions time.