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Breaking down a disastrous fourth quarter against the Bears

Why does it seem like the Lions haven’t learned anything about closing games?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

An uneven day, nervous and panicked, fell apart. I admit, I bought into my own Kool-Aid. I’d like to say I’m overreacting to a Week 1 pandemic special episode of The Lions Really Screwed This One, but it fits a meticulous pattern that we’ve seen over the past three seasons, no? It’s hard to just isolate this one and shrug it off.

We’re in our fifth season of the PODcast and everyone’s never been on edge so readily before. Everyone’s tired of the same antics, but it’s a fresh season of football so the scent is still pleasant.

We’re trying to figure out where the Lions went wrong: why it keeps coming back to this moment in the fourth quarter when everything just withers, why Matt Patricia is suddenly talking about a Super Bowl that happened over five years ago and how the hell the Lions can get back on track before having to crash through another divisional rival in less than a week’s time.

Jeremy and I got our id reactions out on a Twitch postgame show. Somehow, I don’t think it took the edge off. This one comes through raw, unfiltered and still a tinge of humor. We hope you’ll find it keeps with our tradition of PODcast in season, when all sorts of cosmic horrors confront Detroit sports fans in the midst of professional football.

We’re going to try to break this one down together.

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Thank you for being with us for our fifth season of PODcast.