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Lions mailbag: What’s with the slow start for the defensive line?

We answer your questions on the Lions’ defense—and a whole bunch on Detroit’s messy linebacker situation.

Ask POD: Detroit Lions Week 3 mailbag submissions

Time to submit your questions for the POD mailbag.

Mailbag: Takeaways from the offensive and defensive play calling

Other topics include: injury replacements and potential for increased opportunities for younger players

Mailbag: What should the Detroit Lions do with Penei Sewell, Taylor Decker?

Will Taylor Decker return to LT, or will the team stick with Penei Sewell?

Ask POD: Detroit Lions Week 2 mailbag submissions

Time to submit your questions for the POD mailbag.

Detroit Lions mailbag, Part 2: Will Derrick Barnes earn a starting role in 2021?

Part 2 of this week’s mailbag focuses on questions about the season as a whole.

Detroit Lions mailbag, Part 1: Concerns about the running game?

Part 1 of this week’s mailbag focuses on questions leading up to this week’s game.

Ask POD: Detroit Lions Week 1 mailbag submissions

Time to submit your questions for the POD mailbag.

Mailbag, Part 2: Which Lions players are still on the roster in 2023?

Part 2 of this week’s mailbag includes projecting which players are still on the roster in 2023, a closer look at the split-safety scheme, and some coaches talk.

Mailbag, Part 1: Which Lions wide receiver will have the biggest impact?

Part 1 of this week’s mailbag focuses on wide receivers, offensive tackle depth, and dead money on the salary cap.

Lions roster cuts mailbag: How will the Lions handle their surplus of DL talent?

How many defensive linemen can the Lions carry? Who will be the odd ones out?

Mailbag: How is the Lions’ wide receiver room going to shake out?

Jeremy and Erik are back answering your questions.

Mailbag (Part 2): How does this rookie class stack up with previous years?

Part 2 of our Mailbag looks at the rookie class, practice squad priorities, and injuries

Lions mailbag (Part 1): How concerning is D’Andre Swift’s injury?

Part 1 of our Lions mailbag addresses Swift’s injury, Muhlbach’s release and expectations for Darren Fells.

Ask POD: The final weekend of the offseason

Our training camp preview Q&A will be LIVE on Saturday morning.

Lions mailbag podcast: How many wins is the new coaching staff worth?

How many wins can we expect simply from the change in coaching staff?

Ask POD: Packing for camp

Time for another Lions Q&A as we prepare for Detroit Lions training camp.

Ask POD: Light at the end of the tunnel

Send us your Detroit Lions mailbag questions as we inch towards training camp.

Mailbag: How much Xs and Os acumen does Dan Campbell bring to the table?

Will it be his job to draw up any schematics or is he simply the charismatic leader?

Ask POD: Detroit Lions training camp awaits

It’s officially training camp month! Time for another mailbag!

Ask POD: Join us in the Greenroom for a Detroit Lions Q&A

Chat (hopefully) with POD as they answer your Lions questions on the new Spotify Greenroom app

Detroit Lions mailbag: Will a roster full of chip-on-the-shoulder mentality work?

Was this a savvy strategy from Brad Holmes or simply something he was forced to try?

Detroit Lions mailbag: What are the best camp battles on the horizon?

Now that minicamp has ended, we take a closer look at training camp on the horizon.

Ask POD: Detroit Lions offseason workout recap

Mailbag time, as we head into the offseason void.

Mailbag: Will the Detroit Lions’ collaborative coaching style actually work?

Detroit’s power structure is pretty unique... but will it work?

Ask POD: Detroit Lions OTA Week 2 Q&A

Join Jeremy and Erik as they share their observations from Week 2 of Lions OTAs!

Mailbag: Can the Lions significantly exceed expectations in 2021?

What is the true ceiling of the 2021 Detroit Lions.

Ask POD: Detroit Lions OTA Week 1 roundup

Come submit your questions about Lions OTAs... or anything else.

Lions mailbag: Projecting lineups in 3-4 base, nickel, dime formations

We got some hints this week from Lions coaches, but how will the rest of the defense look in 2021?

Ask POD: Detroit Lions offseason program heats up

Our Lions mailbag is OPEN! Come ask some questions.

Ask POD: What did we learn about Brad Holmes from the draft ?

Now that the dust has cleared, what do we know about the Lions GM now?

Detroit Lions mailbag: Blue-chip player or trade back, get more picks?

Can the Lions pass up the opportunity for a blue-chip player or do they need to gather as many picks as possible?

Mailbag: How much should the Detroit Lions focus on offense in the draft?

With so much room for improvement on defense, can the Lions afford to spend valuable draft resources on offense?

Detroit Lions mailbag: Breaking down draft trade scenarios

Exploring all of the Lions’ options with the seventh overall pick.

Mailbag: Can the Lions afford to pass on a quarterback if one falls?

If a quarterback falls to Detroit, the temptation may be hard to pass on him.

Ask POD: Why did the Dolphins jump the Lions in the draft?

We answer all of your questions, including how Friday’s trades impact the Lions.