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From covering the Michigan Wolverines at USA Today, I have returned to covering the Detroit Lions! I am an avid wrestling fan, into gaming as well (you can see me playing Rainbow Six in my free time), and spending time with my 1 year old pup, Zofia.

6 winners, and 2 losers from the Lions’ win against the Packers

After a big win on Thursday night, here is who came away a winner and a loser for the Detroit Lions.

Week 4 scouting report: Have the Green Bay Packers improved?

In their first game of the 2023 season, the Detroit Lions take on the Green Bay Packers as both teams try and take control of the division.

VIDEO: Sam LaPorta watches, reacts to his first NFL TD with Jared Goff

Sam LaPorta watches and reacts to his first NFL touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons with quarterback Jared Goff.

Don’t let one loss deter you from believing in the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions lost in Week 2 and fans can’t seem to come to terms with it, despite knowing the team wasn’t going to go undefeated.

Week 3 scouting report: Atlanta Falcons are undefeated, but have weaknesses

Despite the 2-0 record, the Atlanta Falcons have some glaring issues heading into their Week 3 game against the Detroit Lions.

3 winners, and 3 losers from the Lions’ loss against the Seahawks

Who were the main winners and losers for the Detroit Lions in the overtime loss against the Seattle Seahawks?

Week 2 scouting report: What happened to the Seattle Seahawks?

The Detroit Lions will look to overcome the Seattle Seahawks in their home opener and start the year 2-0.

3 winners, 3 losers from Lions’ win against Chiefs

The 2023 NFL season kicked off for the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs, who showed up to play, and who was still on the plane in the first game?

Detroit Lions Week 1 scouting report: Kansas City Chiefs still the biggest challenge

Starting the season against the Kansas City Chiefs will be a tough outing for the Detroit Lions, but they can be beaten.

Analyzing the 2023 Detroit Lions final roster

After some roster moves, Detroit has finalized its roster. Lets breakdown each position and what they provide.