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Jerry Mallory has been a contributor at Pride of Detroit for well over a decade now. Today, Jerry works as the site’s social media manager, but also contributes as a writer and video producer for its YouTube content.

Vote: 5 Lions game ball candidates vs. Carolina

Who’s getting the special pigskin to close out the preseason?

3 winners, 3 losers (and a tie) from the Lions’ preseason loss to the Jaguars

Even for preseason, it wasn’t pretty. There were still some bright spots to acknowledge, however.

Open thread: Which Detroit Lions player is next in line for a big raise?

In honor of NBA free agency opening up, which Detroit Lions player is next in line for a huge payday and/or extension?

Detroit Lions Week 17 Song of the Game: ‘Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister’

A party song for a party-like game.

Week 13 Song of the Game: ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ by Carpenters

Detroit’s beat down of Jacksonville has hope springing eternal.

Lions vs. Packers Song of the Game: ‘Walking on a Dream’ by Empire of the Sun

Did you have to pinch yourself on Monday morning?

Detroit Lions Week 4 Song of the Game: ‘Borderline’

This last game was a doozy, and so is our song. Is it time to question everything?

Lions vs. Colts grades: Lines dominate, secondary struggles

Which units look ready for the season and which ones desperately need preseason Game 3 to bounce back?

Week 1 report card: Offense shines, defense needs vast improvement vs. Falcons

Handing out grades for the Detroit Lions’ first taste of NFL competition in over 7 months.

Who is the Detroit Lions’ Player to Watch vs. Broncos?

With so many replacement players set to play on Sunday, here’s who we’re going to be watching closely.