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Detroit Lions Week 17 Song of the Game: ‘Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister’

A party song for a party-like game.

Week 13 Song of the Game: ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ by Carpenters

Detroit’s beat down of Jacksonville has hope springing eternal.

Lions vs. Packers Song of the Game: ‘Walking on a Dream’ by Empire of the Sun

Did you have to pinch yourself on Monday morning?

Detroit Lions Week 4 Song of the Game: ‘Borderline’

This last game was a doozy, and so is our song. Is it time to question everything?

Lions vs. Colts grades: Lines dominate, secondary struggles

Which units look ready for the season and which ones desperately need preseason Game 3 to bounce back?

Week 1 report card: Offense shines, defense needs vast improvement vs. Falcons

Handing out grades for the Detroit Lions’ first taste of NFL competition in over 7 months.

Who is the Detroit Lions’ Player to Watch vs. Broncos?

With so many replacement players set to play on Sunday, here’s who we’re going to be watching closely.

Detroit Lions fans, do whatever you want

A new mantra and perhaps a new song for Lions Fans.

New coach, same defense… What gives?

Is Matt Patricia secretly still around?

Video: Why the Lions should keep Penei Sewell at left tackle

Let’s keep the big fella there permanently.