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Football and sports writing have been passions of John's since he was little, and he hopes to create content that people around the world can enjoy, perhaps encouraging others to chase a childhood dream.

Open thread: Are the Lions the hottest team in the NFL?

The Lions are playing stellar football right now. Does that make them the hottest team in the NFL?

‘Sunday Night Football’ open thread: Colts at Cowboys

Can Dallas maintain their winning ways, or will Indianapolis get back in the win column?

6 takeaways from the Lions’ convincing win over Jaguars

Not just a win, but a beatdown! The Lions easily handled the Jaguars, notching another victory in their hot streak.

Open thread: What are your expectations for Jameson Williams?

It’s almost Jamo time. How will the rookie wide receiver fare in his first taste of NFL action?

‘Sunday Night Football’ open thread: Packers at Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are hot. The Green Bay Packers are not. Will things change on Sunday night?

Open thread: Will the Detroit Lions make the playoffs?

Playoffs? We’re talking about playoffs? After a three-game win streak, the playoffs are suddenly realistic.

SNF open thread: Chiefs at Chargers

The Chiefs are looking to strengthen their division lead, while the Chargers are looking to claw back into contention.

5 takeaways from the Lions’ win over the Giants

The Lions have made it three victories in a row! What takeaways do we have from this impressive streak?

Open thread: How would you rank the NFC North teams?

One team sits atop the division with ease, but a logjam sits behind them.

‘Sunday Night Football’ open thread: Titans at Chiefs

Can the Titans continue their win streak, or will the Chiefs shut the door?