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John Whiticar is a writer for Pride of Detroit and the former social media manager for the site. John is passionate about providing insight and analysis, while also mixing in some positivity and fun. John has attempted to convert his fellow writers to becoming CFL fans as well, to mixed results.

Discussion: Which position will experience the greatest overhaul this offseason?

The Detroit Lions will once again face a shuffling roster this offseason. With a lot of questions looming, which position could see the greatest change?

Open thread: Would the Lions have defeated the Chiefs in the Super Bowl?

Everyone’s talking about it, so let’s address it: would the Lions have won the Super Bowl had they won the NFC Championship?

Open thread: What is your biggest question for the Lions this offseason?

The Detroit Lions have a lot of questions to answer this offseason. Which question is at the forefront of your mind?

15 biggest questions facing the Detroit Lions this offseason

The Lions are entering a critical juncture in their history. Will the Lions rise above their NFC Championship failures or is this just the peak of another roller coaster Lions era? There are questions that will need answers before long.

Discussion: How do you feel following the Detroit Lions’ NFC Championship loss?

Share your thoughts following the Detroit Lions’ season-ending defeat.

6 takeaways from the Lions’ NFC Championship loss to the 49ers

An amazing season ends in heartbreaking fashion.

Open thread: Has the Lions’ offense or defense been more impressive in the playoffs?

The Lions are a game away from a Super Bowl appearance. Which side of the ball has been the most impressive on this playoff run?

6 takeaways from Lions’ Divisional Round win over the Buccaneers

Fresh off a historic win, the Lions prove yet again they belong in the playoff picture. Next up: the NFC Championship.

Open thread: Would you rather play the Buccaneers or Eagles in the Divisional Round?

The Lions have won their first playoff game, but another looms large. Which opponent would you rather face?

7 takeaways from the Lions’ Wild Card win over the Rams

The Detroit Lions playoff drought is officially over as they topple the Los Angeles Rams—and here are the takeaways.