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John Whiticar is a writer for Pride of Detroit and the former social media manager for the site. John is passionate about providing insight and analysis, while also mixing in some positivity and fun. John has attempted to convert his fellow writers to becoming CFL fans as well, to mixed results.

7 takeaways from the Lions’ win on Monday night over Raiders

The Detroit Lions got their much-needed rebound against the Las Vegas Raiders, as they enter their bye week with a 6-2 record—good for second in the NFC.

Discussion: Do you like when the Lions play on “Monday Night Football”?

The Lions and Raiders have a date on "Monday Night Football"—but do you like or dislike the prime time billing?

‘Sunday Night Football’ open thread: Bears at Chargers

A pair of two-win teams face off on Sunday night.

Open thread: What is the Lions’ greatest weakness right now?

The Detroit Lions have been a good team in 2023, but to be an elite team, they need to fix some mistakes. What is their greatest weakness right now?

‘Sunday Night Football’ open thread: Dolphins at Eagles

Could we have a potential Super Bowl preview on "Sunday Night Football"?

1 takeaway from the Detroit Lions’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens

Such an awful game is only deserving of one takeaway: bad.

Open thread: Is Jared Goff an elite quarterback?

The Detroit Lions are 5-1, and the phenomenal play of Jared Goff is a key reason why. Is it time to consider him an elite quarterback in the NFL?

SNF open thread: Giants at Bills

Is a Buffalo Bills beatdown incoming, or can Tyrod Taylor pull off the revenge upset?

4 takeaways from the Detroit Lions’ victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Detroit Lions overcame a tough Buccaneers defense and emerged with their fifth win of the 2023 season.

Open thread: Are the Detroit Lions a top-5 team in the NFL?

With a record of 4-1, the Lions are sitting among the best teams in the NFL right now. Yet are they truly a top-five team?