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Chris Perfett is the host, producer, and editor of the Pride of Detroit PODcast. With over 11 years of experience in sports talk radio and podcasting, Chris believes in building communities of fans through candid conversations and opinions. He is an alumni of the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism and also works for national syndication Fox Sports Radio.

Free agency preview: Does C.J. Gardner-Johnson have a spot on the 2024 DBs?

A rapidly changing Lions team prepares to grow in March

Were the Detroit Lions a Super Bowl-level team in 2023?

After a somewhat underwhelming pair of performances in Super Bowl 58, is it fair to say the Detroit Lions belonged in that game?

Holmes presser takeaways: Don’t expect the Lions to sell the farm in 2024

Brad Holmes lays out the path to sustainability, not "win now."

The Detroit Lions proved they belong with the NFL’s big boys

Don’t call it a Cinderella story. Don’t call it a work in progress. It’s here, right now.

For this week, Jared Goff is the king of Detroit

A whole stadium was chanting his name. He rose to the occasion. Take a bow, Jared Goff. You’ve earned it.

Reasons why the Lions will win (and lose) on Sunday against the Rams

What it would mean in either scenario, and the implications for the franchise

The Detroit Lions were right to play their starters, regardless of injuries

Monday morning quarterbacking misses the reality of the situation

Refs cast no shadow on the playoff Detroit Lions

The league got embarrassed, but the Detroit Lions remain steady for the goal for the postseason.

The Lions offense has gotten too soft

Shutting down for a whole quarter is not how a team wins.

Resilience or high-wire act? Lions survive New Orleans with more questions

Getting back in the win column, no matter the ugly