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I'm a Lions fan who went to college in Chicago during the Matt Millen era. Naturally, I'm a masochist. I'm an editor by trade, and I still live in Chicago. I'm in my late 20s (as of writing this bio, at least).

Things of that nature: The Bears run defense

For Week 6, we're talking about a true weakness vs. weakness matchup. Feel the excitement!

The zone blitz against Seattle

Before Kam Chancellor and the illegal bat that wasn't, the Lions needed a gift to get back into the game in Week 4. Teryl Austin made it happen.

Things of that nature: Checking in on Ziggy Ansah

For Week 4, let's stave off the cold grip of depression by talking about one of the few bright spots for the Lions this season: Ziggy Ansah.

Things of that nature: Offensive identity crises

Going into Week 3, the Broncos' and Lions' offenses have performed far below expectations. What gives?

Things of that nature: Mind the A-gap

We're in Week 2. Let's talk some more about the offensive line's struggles.

Things of that nature: The Gates-less Chargers

Football is finally here. Let's talk about the San Diego Chargers' passing attack in the absence of the team's star tight end.

Defending the Cowboys' rushing attack

The playoffs are here. Let's talk about the most intriguing matchup of the weekend.

Defending the deep ball and attaining salvation

Lambeau looms. For our final regular-season "Things of that nature," we're looking at how the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills stymied the Green Bay Packers' downfield passing game.

The Bears' aversion to downfield throws

This season, the Chicago Bears offense has almost systematically avoided pushing the ball downfield. Will that trend continue with Jimmy Clausen under center? I'm banking this week's article on it!

Things of that nature: Use of the RB screen

Heading into Week 15, we're figuring out how the Detroit Lions employ screen passes to their running backs. What succeeds? What fails?