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Hamza has been covering the Detroit Lions since 2017 and has been with Pride of Detroit since July 2018. Hamza is an avid punter and is the proud self-proclaimed resident special teams expert at Pride of Detroit.

Open thread: Which position will you be watching closest at the NFL Combine?

It’s the witching hour for NFL Draft prospects—when winners become losers, and losers become winners.

Lions positional stock report: Risers, fallers on the OL in 2023

Check out your 2023 movers along the Lions offensive line.

Open thread: Should the Lions move from their first-round pick?

The Lions are in a much different position in 2024 than they have been in recent years.

Open thread: What are expectations for newly-signed Mathieu Betts?

The Detroit Lions signed the former CFL Most Outstanding Defensive Player, but what are realistic expectations for Mathieu Betts.

Open thread: Which team are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

While wounds in Detroit are still tender, the biggest game of the year fast approaches. Who are you rooting for?

Open thread: Who benefits the most from Ben Johnson sticking around?

The highly-sought-after Lions offensive coordinator is staying in Detroit once again.

Lions vs. 49ers stock report: 11 movers after NFC Championship collapse

Check out your final movers for the week.

Bold prediction: Can Aaron Glenn’s defense keep Christian McCaffrey on a leash?

The Lions blueprint is not just about what the Niners do with their runs, but how often they run. Will it be enough Sunday?

Open thread: What is the Lions’ biggest mismatch against the 49ers?

The Lions travel to San Francisco to face a very well-rounded 49ers team. What’s the biggest mismatch?

Lions vs. Bucs stock report: 11 movers after divisional round win

Check out your movers as the Lions advance to the NFC Championship game.