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Hamza has been covering the Detroit Lions since 2017, and has been with Pride of Detroit since July 2018. Hamza is an avid punter and is the proud self-proclaimed resident special teams expert at Pride of Detroit.

Open thread: Which Lions defensive back are you most excited to watch this year?

The Lions have gone headfirst into the defensive back free agent market.

Open thread: Which Detroit Lions free agent signing has been your favorite so far?

The Detroit Lions have been louder than usual in free agency thus far. So which move has been your favorite?

Open thread: Should the Lions make a play for Lamar Jackson?

With Jackson’s non-exclusive franchise tag, the unthinkable just became a possibility.

2023 Lions free agent profile: Scott Daly could see long snapper competition

Scott Daly had a rocky 2022, but can the Lions find a better option for 2023?

Open thread: How many XFL games have you watched so far?

There have already been some really fun games.

Open thread: Should the Detroit Lions trade for Jalen Ramsey?

Amon-Ra St. Brown has made it clear what he thinks. What about you?

VIDEO: Jack Fox nails 60-yard FG—could he be Lions long-range kicker?

Punter, holder, quarterback... kicker? Jack Fox’s latest trick could help strengthen the Lions’ special teams unit.

Free agent profile: Has DeShon Elliott become a core piece of the defense?

Elliott finished the season as a core piece of this team, but it was anything but a smooth journey to get there.

Open thread: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

...and why was it not Tubi?

2023 Lions free agent profile: Michael Badgley’s under-appreciated year

Badgley quietly put to bed the Lions’ kicker woes in 2022. Was it enough to bring him back in 2023?