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A fond farewell to the RAS King.

Detroit Lions 53-Man Roster Prediction: Pre-Training Camp

Predicting the roster in the age of quarantine is a daunting task, but we’re going to give it a go and try to guess who the Lions will have on their 2020 squad.

6 biggest storylines heading into Detroit Lions training camp.

Training camp 2020 will be different from any that came before it, but which story-line are you most interested in?

NFL athletic comps for the Detroit Lions 2020 draft class

The Lions draft mostly consisted of players with athletic profiles that match several very successful pros.

What if the Detroit Lions had hit on a running back?

If you bang your head against a wall hard enough, long enough, you’ll create a hole...either in the wall or in you.

Get to know the Detroit Lions’ 2020 UDFA class

Undrafted free agents often have a hard road to make the team, will any of the Lions UDFA find their way to the final roster?

Detroit Lions Day 3 draft grades: Scheme-heavy picks make sense

The Lions drafted for scheme on the final day of the draft and filled several needs that needed to be addressed.

Why the Lions’ Day 2 picks look much better after seeing entire draft

Sometimes we get things wrong. Sometimes we just assume things wrong, and when we change our outlook we can view things in a different light.

Recapping Lions Day 2 draft haul: Best, worst picks

Day two had some mixed reactions, so let’s try to look at how the picks matched up with value.

16 best remaining players for Detroit Lions on Day 2

There is a ton of talent left on the board for the Lions to choose from on day two of the 2020 draft.