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Breaking Down The Call

Video shows Packers may have gotten away with EIGHT delay of games vs. Lions

The NFL has a delay of game problem, and Aaron Rodgers exploited it all day vs. the Detroit Lions.

Why the Lions were right to not challenge the spot vs. the Cowboys

Breaking down the rulebook and explaining why the Detroit Lions should NOT have challenged the spot on Brock Wright’s near touchdown.

Breaking down the call: What the heck happened on the 3rd-down redo?

A breakdown at what caused the officials in Lions vs. Seahawks to nullify a third-down stop and redo the play.

NFL admits officials missed intentional grounding call in Lions, Eagles game

Jalen Hurts very clearly committed an intentional grounding penalty, and the NFL admits officials missed in against the Detroit Lions.

UPDATED: NFL officials snuck an illegal challenge into Seahawks vs. Lions

The officials in the Lions vs. Seahawks game tried to cover their tracks, but they made a mistake that gave Seattle a free challenge.

Rule breakdown: Why didn’t the Lions have to kick the extra point after walk-off TD?

Did the officials rob the Minnesota Vikings at a long-shot try to tie the game up? We take a closer look at the NFL rulebook.

Breaking down the call: What went wrong on the Lions’ negated 51-yard touchdown?

A breakdown of why the Lions’ touchdown was negated and who messed up?

VIDEO: Refs explain Danny Shelton penalty in Lions vs. Colts

An interesting explanation on a pivotal penalty in the game.

Breaking down the call: Did Jamie Collins Sr. deserve to get ejected?

A look at what the ref said—and what the rulebook says—about Collins’ ejection.

Breaking down the call: Explaining the Justin Coleman pass interference

Did they get it right? Let’s take a closer look.

Lions vs. Packers: A story of horrible officiating

Aaron Rodgers seen below with his best friend in the background.

Breaking down the call: What was with that Oday Aboushi blindside block call?

Was it the right call? We break it down.

Officials offer horrible, non-explanation on picked up OPI call on the Bears

Another picked up PI flag.

Breaking down the call: Did the Lions get hosed on a defensive holding call?

Did the Lions get screwed again or was it the right call?

VIDEO: Lions fail to challenge key incompletion in fourth quarter

Did Jim Caldwell make the right choice to keep the challenge flag in his pocket?

Blame officials, not Jim Caldwell, for Darren Fells overturned TD

An odd sequence in the second half had the officials both confirm and overturn a Lions touchdown.

Should Odell Beckham Jr. be fined, suspended for illegal block on Jarrad Davis?

Odell Beckham delivered a block that would end Jarrad Davis’ night. Should Beckham face punishment from the league?

Was A’Shawn Robinson’s ‘body slam’ illegal?

Is there even a rule against it?

Would Caldwell have won a challenge on the Hopkins catch?

Knowing what we know now, should Caldwell have challenged the catch?

No, the Lions weren’t ‘jobbed’ by the refs

It wasn’t a well-officiated game, but the Lions weren’t unfairly targeted.

Lions victimized by another late controversal call

After losing a heartbreaker to Seattle earlier in the year on a missed call, the Detroit Lions fell on the wrong end of another bad call, costing them the game against the Packers.

Breaking down Week 6's controversial calls

There were a lot of strange calls during Sunday's game between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. Here's a breakdown of the rulings.

A full breakdown of the missed 'batting' call

A breakdown of the rules and the reactions to the controversial missed call at the end of the Detroit Lions' Monday night game.

Breaking down the call: Roughness on Ziggy Ansah?

A breakdown of what could have been a crucial call against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Breaking down the call: Ross' disallowed return

The Detroit Lions ended up on the wrong end of a strange ruling on an even stranger punt return. Here's a breakdown of what happened.

Were the Lions bailed out by the refs?

A breakdown of two controversial plays that ended up in the Detroit Lions' favor on Sunday.

Breaking down the call: Double Fouls and turnovers

Offsetting penalties erased a takeaway from the Detroit Lions late in the first half on Sunday. Was the correct call made?

Was Jeremy Ross interfered with on punt?

A deeper look into the strange punt that bounced off a New York Jets player's helmet and what the ruling should have been.

Breaking down the call: Are you trippin'?

At a crucial point in Sunday's game, the Detroit Lions were called for a bizarre tripping penalty. Was it the right call?

Did the Lions rough the kicker?

In a moment that could have turned the game around, were the Detroit Lions correctly called for roughing the kicker? Here's a breakdown of the play and the rulebook.

Breaking down the call: Was Suh's hit illegal?

Was Ndamukong Suh the victim of his own reputation, or did he once again violate the NFL rulebook?


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