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Detroit Lions Film Review

Film breakdown: Lions’ run game needs its veteran tight ends badly

Get well soon, Brandon Pettigrew. You too, Eric Ebron.

How the Packers got away with constant holding against Lions

The Lions and Packers were playing by two completely different sets of blocking rules in Week 3.

Everything that’s wrong with the Lions defense in one play

There’s something very, very wrong with this defense.

Film breakdown: Why did the Lions keep tight end Khari Lee over Andrew Quarless?

Let’s take a look to see what the Lions like about Khari Lee.

Film breakdown: Watch Stafford audible into Riddick’s rushing TD

Today we take you step-by-step through a masterful pre-snap read and audible.

Film breakdown: A look at how the Lions’ secondary failed

Credit the Colts for adjusting their play calling to set receivers up in one-on-one match-ups they could win. In the absence of deep help, several Lions coverage players were exposed for huge gains.

Film breakdown: Getting to know LB Thurston Armbrister

Once the Lions found out they were going to lose Josh Bynes to IR, Bob Quinn found another copy on the waiver wire.

Watch: Lions vs Colts Preview

Breaking down the keys to the game in the Week 1 matchup between the Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts.

Film breakdown: Travis Swanson impressed us

We’re not kidding; he played well against the Ravens. Really!

Watch: Lions vs Ravens Preview

Breaking down what to look for in the Week 3 Preseason matchup between the Lions and Ravens.

Film breakdown: George Winn can’t catch a break

Brother, can you spare a cleanly executed run block?

Film breakdown: Lions run game is still struggling

The Lions still have a long way to go in their run game.

Breakdown: Play action in a post-Calvin world

If you can’t stretch the defense deep, try stretching it shallow.

Film breakdown: Lions’ run game needs work

Third-and-short should be nearly automatic, but in Detroit it has not been so.

Film breakdown: A’Shawn Robinson quietly dominant in debut

You may not be hearing a lot about A’Shawn Robinson yet, but you will be soon.

How Jim Bob Cooter is making bubble screens less predictable

Until the first preseason game, there is not a lot of film available to break down. But here at Pride Of Detroit, we give the people what they want: more Cooter.

Lions’ mock game hints at offensive scheme changes

Slight changes to old plays suggest Jim Bob is tweaking the offense rather than completely overhauling things.

Breaking down all of Ebron’s 2015 ‘drops’

You should care more about the kinds of passes he’s dropping rather than how many there are.

Anquan Boldin will win those contested balls Calvin used to snag

Unless the Lions retire the number, get ready to see #81 hauling in 50-50 balls again.

Can Detroit count on Whitehead to stop the run?

That Tahir Whitehead did not show much against the run in 2015 had more to do with utilization than ability. If Detroit had put him on the field more, he most likely would have delivered.

Jim Bob's offense will build on players' strengths

Offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter has said he wants to tailor the offense to what his players do well. We highlight an example of him doing exactly that in the second half of the 2015 season.

TBT: No one could stop this Calvin Johnson play

When the Lions' coaching staff was cleaned out in 2014, new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi replaced Scott Linehan. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost.

Corey Fuller could help Detroit by blocking better

Based purely on his potential as a pass catcher, Corey Fuller does not stand out enough to deserve a spot on the 53 man roster. If he's not going to return kicks, he needs to find other ways to prove his worth to the team.

Where could Tavon Wilson fit in?

Tavon Wilson has a lot to offer beyond excellent special teams play. His blend of size, athleticism, and skills gives Teryl Austin a versatile piece to work with.

The Lions need better coverage from its strong safety

Whoever wins the job needs to be better against the pass than the guys Quinn let go in free agency.

Next man up: Kyle Van Noy (Part three)

The Lions need Kyle Van Noy to stop trying to be explosive and simply do his job.

Next man up: Kyle Van Noy (Part two)

Poor coverage technique makes Van Noy a liability on passing downs as anything but a blitzer.

Next man up: Lions must break Van Noy's bad habits

Kent was right, Van Noy sucks.

Detroit needs Nevin Lawson to play faster in 2016

While great playing straight up one-on-one coverage, Lawson at times mixed up which receiver he was responsible for in crowded formations. How he processes assignments within the coverage call faster is a key area of growth to watch this preseason.

Nevin Lawson brings aggressive, physical coverage

The Lions need an outside cornerback opposite Slay who challenges plays for the full length of the field. Lawson showed in 2015 that he has the tools to be that guy.

Next man up: Nevin Lawson

Checking on CB Nevin Lawson's development from the 2015 season.

Film breakdown: DeAndre Levy in pass coverage

Game film from 2013 shows one of the reasons why the Lions desperately need a completely recovered DeAndre Levy back in coverage for 2016.

Diggs' short-yardage coverage makes him special

Finishing our analysis of CB Quandre Diggs' development from the 2015 season.

Next man up: Quandre Diggs (Part two)

Continuing the analysis of CB Quandre Diggs' development from the 2015 season.

Next man up: Quandre Diggs (Part one)

Checking on CB Quandre Diggs' development from the 2015 season.

Is Ezekiel Ansah a "system defensive end"?

We complete our review of Ziggy's sacks in the 2015 season with plays from the final eight games. Our summary suggests Ansah did not simply benefit from "being in the right place at the right time": his skills and athleticism contributed immensely.


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