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Detroit Lions Humor

Detroit Lions defense wins NFL’s most prestigious (children’s) award

You can no longer deny the Detroit Lions’ dominant defensive performance, Aaron Rodgers.

VIDEO: Enjoy Packers fan freaking out after the Detroit Lions drafted Jameson Williams

This Packers fan was not happy when the Detroit Lions traded up and selected Jameson Williams in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Lions Festivus 2021: The Feats of Strength

No pinning required.

Lions Festivus 2021: The Airing of Grievances

We’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it.

WATCH: Guest host Aaron Rodgers trolled by Jeopardy contestant

This Jeopardy contestant is a legend.

And now, a series of Packers fans devastated over losing Jamaal Williams

Sweet, sweet Packers tears.

VIDEO: Matt Prater can only be bested by a field goal-kicking robot

Prop Bets: Sinful selections of sinister Super Bowl wagering

Look, I ran out of a "s" word for gambling OK?

The ‘Dan Campbell Song’ will get you PUMPED for Lions football


The Rowe Report: Listen to the Ultimate Lions Christmas album

With favorites from to "Hock the Herald Angels Sing" to "Run Roary Run."

2020 Detroit Lions Festivus: Airing of Grievances

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The Rowe Report: Here’s how Lions Nation reacted to firings of Patricia, Quinn

Hope, is that you?

The Todd Gurley blunder is the gift that keeps on giving

The on-field audio, video and photography of this moment is just *chef kiss*.

The Rowe Report: 2020 is the year of the Detroit Lions!

Why not? Crazier things have happened.

Rowe Report: Find your backup NFL team with ‘The B Team’ matchmaking app

With 390495839845390 matches to date, The B Team is the world’s most popular NFL fan matchmaking app.

Pets of Detroit: The Official Power Rankings

woof woof

Rowe Report: The 5 stages of watching a Detroit Lions season opener

Week 1 - Chicago Bears

The Rowe Report: Sports leagues are lost without us fans in the stands

All these poor teams - what will they do without us?

Film breakdown: Bo Davis’ 5-minute Mic’d Up Video

Football withdrawal is kicking in

WATCH: T.J. Lang shows Matthew Stafford his nuts in web series finale

Comedy ensues.

Fast food or Lions tickets: Which is more expensive?

We take a look at some burgers with fries and compare it to Detroit-Washington tickets.

Lions Roundtable: Halloween candy mock draft

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Melvin Gordon’s tweet about Matt Prater hilariously backfires

Maybe stay off Twitter during your holdout.

The Rowe Report: Which Detroit Lions preseason predictions turned out to be true?

Now that the season’s here, what preseason takeaways should we pay attention to? I took a look at how the past few years turned out.

VIDEO: ‘Talkin with T.J.’ returns, updates on T.J. Lang’s retirement


2019 Detroit Lions Name Bracket Tournament: The Elite Eight

Eight worthy competitors. Only one future winner.

2019 Detroit Lions Name Bracket Tournament: The Sweet 16

16 names remain. One winner among them. Your choice.

2019 Detroit Lions Name Bracket Tournament: Round 2, Part 2

Who will be the final eight names to punch their ticket to the Sweet 16?

WATCH: Detroit Lions players react to team photo mashups

The Lions’ video department has done it again.

2019 Detroit Lions Name Bracket Tournament: Round 2, Part 1

The names get better, but the voting gets harder.

2019 Detroit Lions Name Bracket Tournament: Round 1, Part 4

We’ve got Pope vs. Amen in this religiously awesome round.

What if the Detroit Lions had drafted Aaron Rodgers?

It’s what-if week. Let’s do some what if-ing

VIDEO: The Lions o-line is also better at chugging beer than Aaron Rodgers

[tearfully] That’s my offensive line. [/tearfully]

Video: Watch Matthew Stafford put Aaron Rodgers’ chugging attempt to shame

Frat Stafford is back!

‘Game of Thrones’ sucks now

The popular HBO series made television history with the worst cameo imaginable.

Ranking the 2019 NFL Schedule Release videos

Some teams were very creative with their schedule releases.


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