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Detroit Lions Humor

The Detroit Lions are NFL Champions!... according to Google

The internet has never lied before.

Best football movie characters: Fictional Football Fantasy Draft

Ryan and Mike fantasy drafted the best fictional football players in movie history.

2018 Detroit Lions Valentine’s Day cards

Set the mood with these Lions-themed Valentine’s Day cards

Matt Patricia introductory Detroit Lions press conference Bingo!

Have a little fun with some coachspeak cliches.

The Lions have already stocked Matt Patricia’s desk with pencils

The Lions Twitter account is killing it this week.

VIDEO: Stafford gives himself an ‘owie’ in NFL ‘Bad Lip Reading 2018’

Bad Lip Reading is back with another hilarious NFL episode.

T.J. Lang destroys Packers fan on Twitter

If you come at the Lang, you best not miss.

Super Bowl 2018: The best places to watch the Big Game

Beware of the house party.

The “Talkin’ with T.J.” season finale is the best thing from the Lions’ 2017 season

The season finale of this year’s best webseries comes to a dramatic finish.

POD Files: The Ford’s are making the Lions just good enough to sell tickets

We’ve uncovered proof of what we’ve always known to be true.

Lions fan fiction: ‘Twas the week before Packers

Enjoy our holiday edition of Lions Fan Fiction.

WATCH: Lions DT Akeem Spence eats a W against his former team

The former Buccaneers got the revenge he was hoping for.

The Lions can still earn the NFC 1-seed with 13 simple steps

Don’t give up, y’all!

Fan fiction: Lions employ ‘11-men’ strategy, beat Ravens handily

The Lions coaches are showing some serious innovation... in our latest "Fan Fiction"

Why Italy missing the World Cup means the Lions are winning the Super Bowl

It’s happening, y’all!

Brian Mihalik would be the best Lions offensive lineman-turned-skill player

If Detroit ever finds themselves in a pinch, Brian Mihalik is their next star offensive weapon.

Matthew Stafford has never eaten a W

Don’t worry. There’s no embarrassing Matthew Stafford pregame speech on the way.

Let’s check in on Green Bay Packers fans

Take 10 minutes out of your day to sit and laugh at Packers fans.

The Lions fan, the Packers fan and the Pizza

A story of how the NFC North came together over really good pizza.

POD Files: Are we sure Stafford and Kershaw are even friends?

Don’t be fooled, Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw do not know each other.

VIDEO: The full version of Golden Tate’s ‘People’s Elbow’ is even better


Fan fiction: Lions clinch division after Packers forfeit, NFL suspends Vikings

In this alternate dimension, the Lions are playoff bound!

Fan Fiction: Aaron Donald's 6 sacks propel Lions to big win over Panthers

The Lions defensive tackle is dominating in this alternate dimension.

VIDEO: Watch T.J. Lang’s hilarious talk show with Anthony Zettel

The Lions have a couple players with great personalities.

VIDEO: Dean Blandino tries to extend olive branch to Detroit, hilariously fails

You’re just making it worse, Dean.

Detroiter tried to sell Falcons player’s dreadlock for $10,000

eBay remains the creepiest place on the internet.

WATCH: Keegan-Michael Key of ‘Key and Peele’ perfectly describes Lions fandom

The Detroit-born comedian knows exactly what it means to be a Lions fan.

Butterfinger Twitter account owns Chicago Bears, Golden Tate joins in the fun

The Lions receiver with sticky hands found common ground with Nestle’s Butterfinger Twitter account.

Fan fiction: Lions down Falcons after 59-minute runoff

Let’s enter a reality in which the Lions actually benefit from an obscure rule.

Stat projections for the full Detroit Lions 2017 season

What if we recklessly used math to project the Detroit Lions stats?

Lions Diary: A total eclipse of the sun and stuff

A collection of thoughts from he week.

Meet Ford Field’s new food options: Footlong beer cheese hot dogs, crack fries, more

I hope you are reading this after you’ve already eaten.

Jets QB praises Lions game preparation, but Lions didn’t actually prepare

Hackenberg was impressed by Detroit’s game plan, or something.

2017 Detroit Lions Name Bracket: The finals

Let’s bury this thing and never talk of it again.

Monday open thread: How would you troll a Lions rival on a billboard?

Time to create your own troll job billboard.

2017 Detroit Lions Name Bracket tournament: The Final 4

Is there any point in doing this anymore without Jace?