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Detroit Lions Madden simulation

Simulating Detroit Lions games with the Madden video game alongside SB Nation's Pride of Detroit

Watch LIVE: Super Bowl 2021 Madden sim: Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Our Madden sim takes on The Big Game.

NFL Week 17 Madden simulation: Lions vs. Vikings

Come watch the season finale of our Madden sims.

WATCH LIVE: Lions vs. Buccaneers Madden simulation—X-mas Eve

Join us for some Christmas Eve Madden!

Week 15 Madden simulation: Detroit Lions at Tennessee Titans

Come watch the virtual Lions try to salvage their season.

WATCH LIVE: Lions vs. Packers Madden simulation + Q&A

Come watch as the Lions take on the Packers in a virtual setting.

WATCH LIVE: NFL Week 13 Madden simulation: Lions at Bears

Our weekly Madden sim continues!

Watch LIVE: NFL Week 12 Madden Simulation: Lions vs. Texans

Come watch as the Lions take on the Texans in a game of Madden 21.

NFL Week 11 Madden sim: Panthers vs. Lions ... with Tua Tagovailoa?

We’re shaking things up on this week’s Madden 21 simulation

Watch LIVE: Detroit Lions vs. Washington Football Team Madden Simulation

Come watch our weekly Madden sim + Lions Q&A today at 10:30 a.m. ET.

NFL Week 9 Madden simulation: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings

Can the Lions finally pick up a win?

NFL Week 8 Madden Simulation: Detroit Lions vs. Indianapolis Colts

Can the Lions finally pick up their first virtual win of the season.

NFL Week 7 Madden simulation: Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons

Can the virtual Lions finally pick up their first win?

NFL Week 6 Madden Simulation: Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars

Can the virtual Lions make it two in a row?

Bye Week Madden Simulation: Can the Detroit Lions just win a game?

Can we at least win a virtual game?

WATCH LIVE: Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints Week 4 Madden simulation

Watch as the virtual Detroit Lions try to get their first win.

WATCH: Lions vs. Cardinals Week 3 Madden simulation

Join us for some fake football and Lions Q&A.

Detroit Lions Week 2 Madden Sim: Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers

Come watch as the truth about the Lions and Packers is revealed.

WATCH LIVE: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Madden simulation

Come watch as we sim the Lions’ Week 1 game and answer any questions.

LIVE: Lions-Packers Madden Sim

The first digitized divisional game of 2018 is upon us!

LIVE: Watch Lions-Cowboys Madden 19 sim

Detroit and Dallas on the pixelated gridiron.

LIVE: Watch the Week 2 matchup between Lions-49ers on Madden NFL 19

Come watch the game before the game.

LIVE: Watch the Week 1 matchup between Lions-Jets on Madden NFL 19

It’s not quite Monday night yet, but we have Madden, so we can pretend it is.

LIVE: Watch Round 2 of #WeOwnTheBears on Madden!


WATCH: Lions-Buccaneers Madden Sim LIVE

The Lions playoff lives are on the line, and this simulation probably has absolutely nothing to do with it.

LIVE: Watch the Week 12, Thanksgiving Day matchup between Lions-Vikings on Madden

It’s a time-honored tradition like no other... The Madden sim, that is. What did you think I was talking about?

LIVE: Watch the Week 11 matchup between Lions-Bears on Madden NFL 18

It’s time to celebrate everybody’s favorite hashtag.

LIVE: Watch the Week 10 matchup between Lions-Browns on Madden NFL 18

It’s Lions and the Browns, and it’s going to be... something.

LIVE: Watch the Week 9 matchup between Lions-Packers on Madden NFL 18

Are you ready for some (fake) football?

LIVE: Watch the Week 8 matchup between Lions-Steelers on Madden NFL 18


LIVE: Watch the Week 6 matchup between Lions-Saints on Madden NFL 18

After blowing out the Panthers in last week’s simulation, and then not blowing out the Panthers on Sunday, the Lions head to the virtual Superdome for a date with artificial Drew Brees and the Saints.

LIVE: Watch our Lions-Panthers Madden sim

Come watch our simulation of the Week 5 matchup between the Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers. There’s a lot—actually nothing—on the line.

WATCH: Lions-Vikings Week 4 matchup on Madden NFL 18

Detroit picked up a victory last week to make them 1-2 in Madden simulations, but they maintained their consistency of predicting the opposite of what would take place during the real thing.

WATCH: Falcons-Lions Week 3 matchup on Madden NFL 18

Detroit is 0-2 so far in Madden simulations this year, but they’re 2-0 for the real thing. So... go Falcons?

WATCH: Lions-Giants Week 2 matchup on Madden NFL 18

The Lions are 0-1 so far this season in the simulation game, but look to right the ship against the Giants in Week 2.

WATCH: Lions-Cardinals Week 1 matchup on Madden NFL 18

It’s our first Madden simulation of the season, and you’re invited.

Madden NFL sim: If only Matthew Stafford had a running game...

The Lions have yet to provide Matthew Stafford with a ground game, but Madden NFL 17 let’s us bring a formidable rushing attack to Detroit.