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Detroit Lions mailbag

Answering your questions about the Detroit Lions with SB Nation's Pride of Detroit.

Lions Mailbag: Estimating rookie receiving stats for Jahmyr Gibbs, Sam LaPorta

Rookies Sam LaPorta and Jahmyr Gibbs are expected to be immediate contributors for the Detroit Lions. But what are realistic expectations for their receiving stats in Year 1?

Mailbag: Do the Detroit Lions have any top-10 defenders at their position?

The Detroit Lions defense is improving, but does it still lack star power? We discuss whether the Lions defense has any top-10 talent.

Lions mailbag: Defining a ‘successful’ season for Detroit’s defense in 2023

How big of a jump should we expect from the Detroit Lions defense in 2023?

2023 NFL draft: Live Detroit Lions Q&A, mailbag

We’re answering any and all of your 2023 NFL Draft questions as it pertains to the Detroit Lions.

Join our 2023 Detroit Lions draft live Q&A

Jeremy and Erik will spend Wednesday afternoon answering your Detroit Lions draft questions for an hour in the comment section.

Lions mailbag: Is Brad Holmes strictly a ‘best player available’ drafter?

The Lions general manager Brad Holmes recently said he doesn’t like bringing a depth chart into the draft war room. Does that mean he will strictly draft best player available?

Breaking down Jeff Okudah trade; Should Lions trade for Devin White?

On our latest Detroit Lions podcast, we break down the Jeff Okudah trade and answer whether we’d trade for Bucs LB Devin White.

Mailbag: What does Lions’ interest in Teddy Bridgewater mean for the NFL Draft?

Does the Detroit Lions’ serious interest in Teddy Bridgewater mean anything for the 2023 NFL Draft?

Mailbag: Did Devon Witherspoon’s pro day boost his chances of being a Lion?

In this week’s written mailbag, we jump headfirst into a pile of 2023 NFL Draft questions.

Mailbag: What can we draw from the Detroit Lions’ pre-draft visits?

The Detroit Lions have already met with a ton of players in the 2023 NFL Draft class. What conclusions—if any—can we draw from that list

Ask POD: Post-free agency, pre-NFL Draft edition

We’re taking your Detroit Lions questions for both the written and podcast mailbag.

Ask POD: Gauging Lions’ interest in Jalen Carter, other defensive tackle options

Are the Detroit Lions truly interested in Jalen Carter, and if not, who else could fill the team’s need for a defensive tackle?

Mailbag: Has free agency made a 1st-round QB more likely for Lions ?

The Detroit Lions focused on defense in free agency. Does that mean a first-round quarterback is more likely in the NFL Draft?

Mailbag: Why the Lions’ use of void years, backloaded contracts isn’t a problem

The Detroit Lions have done a ton of backloading with contracts and used voided years. But here’s why Lions GM Brad Holmes isn’t getting Detroit into future trouble.

Mailbag: How the Bears’ trading of the No. 1 pick impacts the Lions

How are the Detroit Lions’ impacted by the Chicago Bears’ monster trade in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Mailbag: Could Jeff Okudah—or any other Lions—benefit from a position change?

We discuss which Detroit Lions players could find a second chance by moving positions in 2023, including Jeff Okudah.

Mailbag: Is NFL Draft media making the same mistake with QB prospects this year?

Last year, NFL Draft media members got it very wrong with Malik Willis. Why did that happen, and is it happening again this year with Anthony Richardson?

Ask POD: Detroit Lions mailbag submission time

The Detroit Lions written mailbag is back, and it’s new-and-improved.

Mailbag: Should the Lions consider using a 1st-round pick on offense?

The NFL is an offensive league. Should the Detroit Lions spend significant draft resources to ensure their offense stays elite?

Lions mailbag: What is the future of Jeff Okudah?

Jeff Okudah is one of the bigger topics in this week’s Detroit Lions mailbag podcast.

Lions mailbag: Breaking down the hiring of TE coach Steve Heiden

Jeremy and Erik answer your Lions questions on Steve Heiden, free agency contract projections, and Devon Witherspoon vs. Christian Gonzalez

Mailbag: Why is Jared Goff so polarizing among Detroit Lions fans?

Our written mailbag returns for its first installment of the 2023 offseason.

Ask POD: 2023 Detroit Lions offseason mailbag 1.0

Send us your Detroit Lions questions as we head deeper into the offseason.

Lions mailbag: Is Ben Johnson’s return to Detroit a surprise?

Jeremy and Erik answer your Lions questions, including how Ben Johnson’s return impacts the 2023 season, and our reactions to drafting Anthony Richardson.

Lions mailbag: Which in-house free agents will Detroit re-sign?

We predict what the Detroit Lions will do with some of their most-important free agents in the 2023 offseason.

Lions mailbag: Should Jameson Williams get more playing time?

The Lions’ first-round pick has played in just 45 snaps over four games. Is it time for Detroit to unleash Jameson Williams?

Lions Mailbag: How did the linebackers suddenly get so good?

The Detroit Lions linebackers were the team’s worst unit in 2021. Now they’re playing at a high level. What changed?

Lions mailbag: Why 2023 free agency may include mostly re-signings for Detroit... again

The Detroit Lions seem destined to re-sign a bunch of their players this upcoming offseason.

Lions mailbag: Is Detroit committed to Jared Goff long-term?

After six turnovers in two games, are the Detroit Lions considering moving on from Jared Goff after 2022?

Mailbag: Who is to blame for the Detroit Lions recent struggles?

Jeremy Reisman and Erik Schlitt open up the Mailbag during the Detroit Lions bye week.

Ask POD: Detroit Lions Bye Week blues

Send in your mailbag questions for a Bye Week Detroit Lions written mailbag.

Detroit Lions mailbag: How likely is a defensive turnaround out of the bye?

The Detroit Lions say they’ve made some progress and have ‘some clarity’ on the defensive side of the ball. Are you buying it?

Lions mailbag: Predicting the changes coming to Detroit’s defense

We predict some of the personnel changes that may be coming to the Detroit Lions’ defense after huge struggles through the first four games.

Detroit Lions mailbag: Has Aaron Glenn been a disappointment thus far?

Through three weeks the Detroit Lions defense ranks last in the NFL in point allowed. How much is defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn to blame?

Detroit Lions mailbag: Is it too early to worry about T.J. Hockenson, DJ Chark?

Two Lions weapons have been curiously quiet through the first couple games. Not a big deal, or a creeping concern?

Detroit Lions mailbag: What to make of Aidan Hutchinson’s debut

Our new Detroit Lions mailbag podcast tackles subjects from Aidan Hutchinson’s debut, to Michael Brockers’ contract restructure to weird PFF grades.