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Detroit Lions Opinion

Pride of Detroit's opinions on the Detroit Lions

Open thread: Who will be the next Lion on the cover of Madden?

The franchise is crying out for an elite superstar.

Open thread: Are you buying the minicamp hype regarding the Lions secondary?

Word out of Allen Park is that the Detroit Lions secondary has looked sharp. Is that a sign of things to come or offseason fluff?

5 reasons the Detroit Lions may not live up to offseason hype

The Detroit Lions have a ton of expectations heading into 2023. But here are five reasons they could disappoint.

POLL: Will the 2023 Lions offense be better, worse, or the same as 2022?

The Detroit Lions offense was soaring high in 2022, but will they be able to match that level in 2023 despite some significant changes?

Open thread: Which player on the Detroit Lions is the safest jersey purchase?

Which player on the 2023 Detroit Lions do you think is the safest jersey purchase?

Open thread: What is the future of NFL broadcasting?

Games are getting more and more spread out across networks...and streaming services.

Open thread: Do you approve of how the Lions handled the kicker position?

The Lions brought home former kicker Riley Patterson to crowd an already-tight specialists room.

Pros, cons to the Lions keeping 2 vs. 3 QBs on the 53-man roster

The health of rookie quarterback Hendon Hooker gives the Detroit Lions some interesting options when it comes to roster construction, especially with the new emergency QB rule.

Tight end James Mitchell is the Detroit Lions’ best kept secret

Why Detroit Lions’ second-year tight end James Mitchell may be the most overlooked player on the roster.

Open thread: What is the ceiling for the Lions defense in 2023?

With all of the changes made on that side of the ball, what do you think the ceiling is for the Lions defense in 2023?

POLL: Do you approve of the new NFL kickoff rule?

Get ready for even more touchbacks!

Poll: Should the Lions keep 3 QBs on the active roster?

Checking in with Detroit Lions fans in our latest SB Nation Reacts survey.

Open thread: Should the Lions pursue free agent K Brandon McManus?

Can the Lions revive the career of another discarded Denver kicker?

RB Mohamed Ibrahim has what it takes to make 53-man roster

The Lions have a new running back corps and Ibrahim fits right in

Grading the Detroit Lions entire 2023 offseason

Now that most of the Detroit Lions’ 2023 offseason moves have been made, let’s analyze how they did.

Open thread: Who on the Lions is poised for a breakout season?

The Lions have a lot of young talent on their roster, but which player is poised to become a household name during the 2023 season?

Open thread: What changes would you make to the NFL draft?

Everything is on the table...except a lottery.

Open thread: Who will be the Detroit Lions’ starting kicker in 2023?

The Lions signed All-XFL kicker Parker Romo on Monday.

Did the Detroit Lions make a mistake by not aggressively pursuing a wide receiver?

The future of the receiving corps is a question mark. Should the Detroit Lions have more aggressively pursued a WR in free agency or the NFL Draft?

Rookie expectations for all 8 Detroit Lions draft picks

The Detroit Lions added plenty of promising picks during the NFL Draft. What are your expectations for this rookie class?

Open thread: What is the most-anticipated game on the Lions’ 2023 schedule?

With five nationally televised games and four in primetime slots—there are plenty of options to choose from.

The Detroit Lions’ 2023 schedule is perfectly set up for a big season

The 2023 NFL schedule gave a lot of gifts to the Detroit Lions, who should rightfully expect a big season ahead.

Detroit Lions 2023 schedule: Ranking all 17 games by difficulty

Ranking the level of difficulty for each Detroit Lions game in their 2023 NFL schedule.

Detroit Lions 2023 schedule release video is full of easter eggs

You’re probably going to need to watch this video a few times to see all the goodness.

2023 NFL schedule: Detroit Lions game-by-game predictions

Jeremy and Erik once again make their game-by-game projections for the upcoming Detroit Lions season.

Lions mailbag: Is Detroit in a unique position to get max value out of Jahmyr Gibbs?

Could the Detroit Lions be the perfect fit to actually maximize Jahmyr Gibbs’ value?

Open thread: How will Hendon Hooker’s Lions career play out?

Detroit kept its options open by taking a mid-round quarterback.

5 Detroit Lions games we’d like to see in primetime for 2023

We break down five games we’d like to see on the Detroit Lions’ 2023 NFL schedule in primetime.

POLL: Do you want the Lions to play in Germany this year?

The Detroit Lions could still be the Kansas City Chiefs’ opponent in Germany this year. Do you want that to happen?

POLL: Should the Detroit Lions use Jahmyr Gibbs on kick return?

Lions first-round pick Jahmyr Gibbs fills avoid at kick returner, but should the Lions risk it?

Roundtable: What was the biggest surprise from the Lions’ draft?

Our staff makes their picks for the biggest surprise and best UDFA from the Detroit Lions’ 2023 NFL Draft.

Discussing the Detroit Lions’ future QB decision with Jared Goff, Hendon Hooker

The Detroit Lions could be facing an interesting—and awkward—decision with Hendon Hooker and Jared Goff in 2024.

NFL Draft roundtable: What is 1 pick the Lions should have made?

No NFL draft is perfect. Our staff makes their picks for a selection they wish the Detroit Lions would have made.

Open thread: Have your expectations for the 2023 Lions changed since the draft?

With the 2023 NFL Draft now in the rearview mirror, have your expectations for the Lions changed since the end of the 2022 season?

Open thread: What is your biggest NFL takeaway following the 2023 Draft? 

The decisions teams made this year will be sure to repeat themselves in the future.

The Lions should lock down Jared Goff as soon as possible

The Lions need to secure the answer to the biggest question in the NFL.